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Go Digit General Insurance Limited is a non-life general insurance company in India. Go Digit started out as Oben (German for above) and later converted the company name to Go Digit General Insurance company and as the name suggests, offers non-life general insurance solutions through their digital platform. Go Digit General Insurance Limited was incorporated in the year of 2016 and the company is based in Bengaluru, India. Go Digit is backed by Fairfax, a financial holding company based in Toronto, Canada, which has operations in over 30 countries and takes a long-term value approach towards investments in India. Go Digit boasts about providing the simplified general insurance solutions to all its customers and they are on the mission of the same – to make the whole process of insurance – from purchasing to making claims – simpler and easier. Go Digit General Insurance has policies on offer for Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Bike Insurance, Travel Insurance, Mobile Insurance, Jewellery Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance and Home Insurance. You can easily and instantly buy various insurance policies on offer from Go Digit by simply logging onto eindiainsurance .
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A couple of the recent awards won by Go Digit include :
  • Part of the The Fintech 250 List by CB Insights
  • Insurance Startup of the Year - India by Insurance Asia Awards 2020
  • Great Place to Work Certified Organisation
  • Asia Insurance Review - Asia's Best General Insurance Company of the Year in 2019
  • Ranked among the Hottest Start-ups in India 2019
  • 10th CMO Asia Awards 2019 – Insurtech of the year
  • CMO Confluence & Corporate Awards 2019 - Best General Insurance Company
  • SKOCH Awards - SKOCH Order of Merit 2019
  • Top Indian Startup 2019
  • High Facebook Rating of 4.9 / More than 4 star rating by 92% customers
Go Digit offers their health insurance customers the option of availing quality treatment at more than 5,900+ leading hospitals across the country. With an claims settlement ratio of 87.57%, they also covered less than 1 lac lives during the same year 2018-19, as per the data provided by IRDAI.

Go Digit General Insurance is today one of the fastest growing insurance players in India with a lot of focus on both retail and group insurance products. Today the Go Digit health insurance premium is one of the most competitive in the market across all their plans apart from being competitive in their benefit structure. They are also one of the players who have built a strong hospital network across India with a current strength of 5,900+. Most of the customer’s Go Digit’s health insurance reviews have been positively influencing the growth of their business year on year. One can also follow the Go Digit health insurance renewal link on eindiainsurance for renewal of their existing policies and if one needs to file a claim, all they need to do is to fill in the Go Digit health insurance claim form available on the same website.

Godigit Health Insurance Overview

  • Why Should a customer opt for Go Digit General?
  • What's Great about Health Insurance by Digit?
  • Claims Process
  • Exclusions

Why Should a customer opt for Go Digit General ?

  • Super-Simple claims for Motor Insurance - Smartphone enabled self-inspection processes takes minutes
  • For claims, No forms to be filled + Visit any of the 1400+ authorised garages for cashless repairs
  • Loved by Customers - Customers have rated Go Digit 4.9/5 on Facebook.
  • No hidden clauses, jargon free documents in simple language
  • World class services and products to all their Customers + Growth along with Customer Centric Approach
  • No Claim form. Claim can be processed on Scanned copies

What's Great about Health Insurance by Digit?

  • Simple online processes - From the process of buying a health insurance policy to making claims is paperless, easy, quick and hassle-free! No hard copies, even for claims
  • No Age based Underwriting for clean medical history. Medical questions through self filling form
  • Additional sum insured available – Get additional coverage specifically for Accidental Hospitalizations and Critical Illnesses, at zero cost
  • Covers pandemics like the coronavirus – India is one of worst affected countries when it comes to the COVID-19. We cover the same as part of our health insurance so you needn’t really get a separate coronavirus policy.
  • No age-based copayment - Our health insurance comes with no age-based copayment. This means, during health insurance claims- you need not pay anything from your pocket.
  • No room rent restriction - Everyone has different preferences, and we understand that. That’s why, we have no room rent restrictions. Choose any hospital room you prefer.
  • 2X Sum Insured - If you exhaust your sum insured and unfortunately need it again during the year, we refill it for you.
  • Cumulative Bonus - A reward for staying healthy! You can get yearly cumulative bonus for claim-free years.
  • Get treated at any hospital - Choose from 5900+ of our network hospitals in India for cashless treatment or opt for a reimbursement.
  • In-patient treatment includes Hospital room rent or boarding expenses, nursing, Intensive Care Unit charges Operation Theatre charges, Medical Practitioner’s charges, fees of Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Qualified Nurse, Specialists, the cost of diagnostic tests, medicines, drugs, blood, oxygen, the cost of prosthetics and other devices or equipment if implanted internally during a Surgical Procedure. A minimum period of 24 consecutive hours hospitalization as in-patient is must.
  • Pre & Post Hospitalization Cover : Covers relevant medical expenses incurred upto 30 days before hospitalization or day care treatment and 60 days post hospitalization for treatment of Disease, Illness contracted or Injury sustained.

Claims Process

To register a claim, please follow one of the following:
Email us at : healthclaims@godigit.com
Visit us Online at : https://www.godigit.com/
Write to Us at : Claims Department, Go Digit General Insurance Co Ltd
Atlantis, 95, 4th B Cross Road,
Koramangala Industrial Layout, 5th Block,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
Other Claims:
  • For International Travel Insurance Claims :
    • Call : +91-7303470000 (This is a missed call only number for customers dialing from outside India)
    • Email : travelclaims@godigit.com
  • For COVID-19 Claims
    • Email : covidclaims@godigit.com
  • For Other Queries & Claims
    • Call : Toll Free 1800-103-4448
    • Email : hello@godigit.com
Cashless Hospitalization Process - Claims Journey
Follow below steps to avail Cashless facility through our In house Health Claims Management:
Step I Call the Health Helpline 1800 258 4242 and Intimate your Claim within 24 hrs in case of emergency admission and 48 hrs prior to hospitalization in case of planned admission.
Step II Insured approaches network hospital for cashless treatment; displays the e-health card
Step III Adjudication of the cashless request as per policy T&C. If required, Query raised for any further documents/clarification. Hospital furnishes all the required documents.
Step IV Approval for the treatment is given by Digit through TPA. Amount settled with the Hospital/ Provider directly

Reimbursement Claim Process - Claims Journey
Reimbursement claim is when the expenses incurred during Hospitalization or bills of Hospitalization are directly settled by the Insured with the Hospital and post discharge from Hospital claimed by the Insured from the Insurer for reimbursement. Follow below steps to lodge your Health Insurance Claim through our In house Health Claims Management: Step I Insured calls Digit to register the reimbursement claim or 1800-258-4242 or sends an email on healthclaims@godigit.com, Digit registers the claim and triggers a link for document upload Step II Insured uploads all the relevant documents post which the claims team assesses the documents and approves/ denies the claim Step III Claims team checks if any additional documents are required. If not, claim amount is transferred to customers bank account within 3 working days as per terms and conditions of the policy For reimbursement claim, documents to be submitted within 15 days from the date of discharge from hospital

Claims FAQ's

What is a Health Card?
It is an Identity card which is issued to each and every person covered under the Health policy. This card would entitle you to avail cashless hospitalization facility at any of our network hospitals.

What are the benefits of a health card?
A health card mentions the contact details the TPA. In case of a medical emergency, you can call on these numbers for queries, clarifications and for seeking any kind of assistance. You need to show the health card at the hospital.

How to make a claim if you are detected with Coronavirus COVID-19?
If you are tested positive for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from any authorized centers of ICMR – National Institute of Virology, Pune and hospitalized for the treatment, intimate Digit immediately by calling at 1800-258-4242 or write to healthclaims@godigit.com. If you are a senior citizen, email us at seniors@godigit.com

What are some of the details required at the time of intimating a claim to Go Digit?
Insured’s name
Policy number
Patient’s name
Relationship with the Proposer
Hospital name/ address
Admission & discharge dates
Diagnosis and treatment details
Estimated/ Actual expense
Employee ID number (If applicable)

What is a TPA?
Third Party Administrator is a service provider appointed by your insurance company to provide various necessary services related to benefits mentioned in the health policy to you.

Which family members can get covered in one policy?
In case of a planned hospitalization or emergency services, use your Health ID Card at any of network hospitals and avail cashless service. In case the hospital is not listed in the network of hospital, then pay the cash and submit the claim to TPA for reimbursement with relevant documents and bills.

What is a Network Hospitals?
These are the hospitals that form part of the TPA's network to provide cashless service to you upon presentation of health-card.

What is a Non-network Hospitals?
Hospitals which are not part of TPA's hospital tie-up list are called Non-network hospital. The bills are settled by patient & the relevant documents and bills are then submitted to the TPA. The amount, accordingly, is reimbursed to the patient.

How long does it take to get an approval from TPA?
TPA will issue the letter of admissibility of the claim within 3-6 hours provided all the relevant documents are submitted.

Within how many days should I submit the claim?
The claim must be filed within 15 days from the date of discharge from the Hospital or completion of treatment.

What is the maximum number of claims allowed over a year?
Any number of claims is allowed during the policy period. However the sum insured is the maximum limit under the policy.

Exclusions under Godigit Health Plans

The major exclusions under health insurance policy are:
  • Waiting Period
    • Initial Waiting Period 30 days, except accident
    • Specific Illness Waiting Period 2 years
    • PED Waiting Period options 2 years or 3 years Joint Replacement,
    • Bariatric Surgery & Organ Transplant 2 years
  • Substance abuse and Addictions by the Insured
  • Any accidental hospitalization under the influence of alcohol
  • Cosmetic, Aesthetic and Re-Shaping Treatment & Surgeries
  • Unproven or Experimental treatment
  • Hazardous Activities / Professional Sports / Defence Operation
  • War and hazardous substances
  • Artificial Life Maintenance
  • Insufficient Document submission
  • External Congenital Anomaly
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections & Disease • Sleep Disorders and Sleep Problems
  • Non-Medical Expenses - Items of personal comfort and convenience
  • Vitamins/ Nutritional Supplements unless prescribed by the physician as part of treatment
  • Routine medical, eye and ear examinations, cost of spectacles, laser surgery, contact lenses or hearing aids, vaccinations and inoculation of any kind, issuing of medical certificates and examinations as to suitability for employment or travel.
  • Any stay in Hospital without undertaking any treatment or where there is no active regular treatment by the Medical Practitioner
  • Prostheses, corrective devices, and medical appliances, which are not required intra-operatively or for the disease/ illness/ injury for which the Insured / Insured Person was hospitalized
  • Charges incurred primarily for diagnostic, X-ray or laboratory examinations or other diagnostic studies not consistent with or incidental to the diagnosis and treatment.
  • Any treatment received outside India.

List of Godigit health insurance policies

Key Features:
  • Arogya Sanjeevani Policy is designed to bring about a standardized product which provides basic coverage to the customers intending to ease the problem of vast number of choice and portability.
Key Features:
  • Digit Health Plus Policy by GoDigit General Insurance Company protects you and your family by providing extensive plan coverage
Key Features:
  • Entry Age: 1 day to 70 years can opt for this insurance cover.
Key Features:
  • Policy can be availed by persons between the age of 18 years up to 65 years, as Proposer. Proposer with higher age can obtain policy for family, without covering self..
Key Features:
  • Policy can be availed by persons between the age of 18 years and 65 years. Proposer with higher age can obtain policy for adult members of the family, without covering self.

List of Godigit travel insurance policies

Key Features:
  • A comprehensive plan for a holiday abroad, with SI starting from 50,000 USD up to 5 lac USD.
Key Features:
  • An affordable plan exclusively for travel within Asia.

Go Digit Health Insurance FAQ’s

This depends on the type and seriousness of the illness. At Digit, we don’t cover for pre-existing illnesses like if you’ve already been diagnosed for Cancer, HIV, Parkinson's disease, Thalassemia, Neuropathy, Liver and Kidney diseases, Down Syndrome, and Alzheimer's disease amongst many others.

Yes, you can. However, in this case- you'll have to claim for Reimbursement as Cashless Claims are available at our network hospitals only.

We’ll be here for you no matter what time or day it is. Just give us a ring at 1800-258-4242 and we’ll sort things out for you.

Yes, Digit’s health insurance policy is valid pan India. However, check for which zone your city falls into as in case of treatment in a higher zone, there will be a small % of copayment involved. If you think you’ll need treatment in a higher city zone, you can choose to opt for.

Yes, a health insurance claim can be rejected if it doesn’t comply with your policy’s terms and conditions. For example: If you claim for a pre-existing disease-related treatment before completing the waiting period, your claim may be rejected.

Yes, you can if it is a daycare procedure or an OPD – provided that you’ve opted for an OPD cover in your health insurance.

The right age to buy a health insurance would be while you’re still young. This is because, premiums are a lot cheaper and you complete waiting periods sooner too! Additionally, with healthcare expenses off the roof, if you ever need treatment for an illness – a health insurance will ensure it doesn’t eat up your early savings which you can instead use for your travels.

Yes, your spouse, children and parents can be added as a dependant under the floater plan. The policy can also be taken for your father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son, daughter-in-law, daughter, grandparents, and grandchildren on individual basis. Your unmarried children, under the age of 18, are eligible as dependants under the policy. Your children enrolled as full-time education students are eligible until the age of 25.

No, all benefits shall be payable when incurred in India only, in Indian rupees.

Yes, you may cancel your policy by telephoning us, by email or in writing (see contact us for details). You may cancel your policy during the 15 day free look period. This period commences on the day you receive your policy documentation. We will refund any premium paid at the date of cancellation deducting any charges we incurred towards your medical examination and the stamp duty charges and Proportionate risk premium if cover has already covered, provided you have not used any of the services available on your cover and no claims have been made. After the free look period, refunds will only be given if no incident has occurred which has led to an eligible claim, If you decide to cancel your policy before your renewal date and outside of the free look period, you must give us 7 days notice and you will be eligible for refunds on a pro rata basis.

Health insurance covers you and your family against expenses incurred in a medical emergency. With medical bills on the rise, insurance helps in reducing the financial burden during hospitalization. Also, the cases of critical illnesses and lifestyle-related ailments have increased rapidly. Health insurance allows you to be better prepared for such events.

Go Digit has an extensive network of 5,900+ network hospitals across India growing steadily over the years. One must get admitted to a network hospital in order to avail cashless treatment for their illness. One can get the hospital closest to them by going through the Go Digit network hospital list available on https://www.eindiainsurance.com/godigit/health/ .

The premium paid on a health insurance policy is eligible for deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. So save with your policy now.
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