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Indian visitor insurance – insurance for Indian overseas visitors

The number of outbound Visitors from India has increased hugely over the years and it now common for Indians to plan their overseas vacation from within India. This growing number of Indian visitors to foreign countries also reinforces the need for safety. The majority of these visitors are parents and older travelers. One of the important security option is visitors insurance coverage for parents and other travelers going abroad, as it is very useful in case of hospitalization or emergency medical treatment. There are visitors insurance plans designed by Indian insurance companies for travelers staying abroad even for a short stay. Some visitors insurance for parents from India with pre-existing conditions are quite popular and offer best coverage. Compare free quotes and buy best travel medical insurance for visitors from India.

Travel tips for Indians

  • Keep travel documents safe and photocopied.
  • Leave a copy of your passport at home, in case of theft it will be useful.
  • It is good for travelers to register with the embassy. In case of any emergency in the home country your embassy can contact you.
  • Make sure you have proper vaccination and renewed your essential prescription with your doctor.
  • There are overseas medical insurance plans which can cover you while abroad. Buy travel insurance even if you are in good health.
  • Have some knowledge about converting your currency with the foreign currency.
  • Currency can be converted even after reaching abroad. Go to banks and authorized agents to avoid cheating while conversion.
  • It is good to spend local currency especially while traveling in trains or buses.
  • Keep the contact details of your bank or credit card provider numbers for assistance.
  • Check whether there is entry or exit fees in the airport. These fees are not included in the airline tickets.
  • Carry guidebooks while traveling.
  • If you are using smartphone or tablet there are apps to get travel information of the country. Download them before traveling abroad.
  • In case there are events going on at the time of your visit, research them to know it beforehand
  • Carry some snacks as it can be useful till you find restaurant that can serve your type of cuisine.
  • There will not be any medical tests to buy the plan online.If there is need for medical test for senior citizen travelers for coverage offered by certain insurance company, it will be clearly mentioned on the application.

Visitors Health Insurance FAQ’s

Yes, travel insurance can be bought immediately on completing the flight booking to ensure Trip Cancellation coverage is available from the date of purchase of the insurance policy. It should be noted that the travel insurance policy dates should ideally start one day before the flight date and upto a day after they are scheduled to return to India (For example if the travel is between 16th May and 21st June, then the insurance plan should ideally be between 15th May and 22nd June) to ensure coverage from the time the insured person leaves their home for the airport and returns home after their trip. Some insurance policies have Personal Accident coverage for this leg of the journey as well and that can be availed by the customer.
In any case, it is important that the traveller purchases their insurance policy prior to their departure from India.
There are many insurance companies offering comprehensive and innovative travel insurance solutions in India backed up with strong claims management for the traveller to choose from. Almost all insurance companies offering travel insurance products have a dedicated travel insurance team to ensure they offer the Indian traveller the best possible products at competitive premiums. But when deciding on the most suited insurance partner, it is important for the traveller to keep in mind their claim settlement capabilities and their reputation in the market with respect to travel insurance.
Here we currently offer travel insurance plans from the best travel insurers in India post reviewing their products and after considering their claims settling capabilities and so as a traveller they can be rest assured that they are choosing from the best travel insurance plans under each category.
One of the most important reasons that travellers avail travel insurance is to be covered in the unfortunate incident of an unexpected emergency, be it medical or non-medical. This is where settlement of a claim comes in. An important partner in the travel claim process is the Third Party Claims Administrator (TPA or Assistance Company) abroad who assist the insured for either a medical or non-medical claim. There are two types of claims that arise under a travel insurance policy:
  • Cashless Claim – in the case of emergency hospitalisation, the Assistance Company (TPA) coordinates with the Hospital and the Insurance company to arrange Cashless admission and discharge of the insured traveller. Here the insured traveller needs to only pay the deductible under the policy and any other uncovered expenses.
  • Reimbursement Claim – these type of claim settlements are for both medical and non-medical coverages. Here the insured traveller is expected to pay the expenses out of their pocket and seek a reimbursement from the insurance company on their return to India.
The Assistance TPA and the Insurance company’s Toll and Toll free numbers are available on the insurance certificate which the insured can use to get in touch with either of them depending on their requirement.
Travel Insurance plans offered by Indian insurance companies have two broad sections of benefits which are Medical and Non-Medical in Nature. Medical Coverages include Accident & Sickness Expense cover, Dental Expense Cover, Medical Evacuation, Personal Accident coverage while Non-Medical coverage include Passport Loss, Baggage Delay/Loss, Personal Liability, Missed Departure, Bounced Hotel, Trip Cancellation/Interruption etc. It is very important for the traveller to choose an insurance plan which has an optimum coverage for both sections of benefits to ensure they are adequately insured for their trip.
Depending on their age and country of destination, the traveller should have sufficient Accident & Sickness (A&S) cover given then very high cost of treatment (healthcare) in all countries abroad. For travel to USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia and a few other countries, the ideal A&S coverage purchased should be between $250,000 and $500,000. However for travel within Asia the traveller can look at a lesser A&S cover between $50,000 and $100,000.
Visitor Travel insurance premium/cost depends on four criteria – i) Age of the Traveller, ii) Destination Country, iii) Duration of Travel and iv) Accident & Sickness (A&S) Sum Insured opted for. So when a traveller is going abroad for leisure/business they must ensure they are covered given that the cost of insurance relative to the overall trip cost is relatively low. Insurance also offers them coverage against any unforeseen exigencies like an accident or sickness, the cost of which can put a huge unexpected financial burden on the traveller’s family.
  • For example for a 35 year old traveller to Asia for a period of 5 days, the insurance premium across multiple products from leading insurance companies ranges from ₹350 to ₹450 for the whole trip – this is cost of a cup of coffee/burger at the International Airport. And this is for an average coverage of USD $25,000 which is around ₹17,00,000 for Accident & Sickness). Assuming the overall cost of the trip is around ₹40,000, then the insurance cost is just around 1% of the overall cost for the traveller.
  • Similarly, for a 35 year old person travelling to UK for 60 days, the premium with a Sum Insured of $500,000 which is around ₹3,50,00,000 is just ₹3,380. Again assuming the overall cost of the trip will be around ₹120,000, the insurance premium works out to be less than 3% of the overall cost.
There are many reputed Indian insurance companies offering travel insurance products for the Indian outbound travellers. If the traveller visits, they can see a comparison of the suitable plans depending on the requirement for their travel. It is however important to note that the traveller should ensure the following recommendations are taken into consideration:
  • The Accident & Sickness (A&S) Sum Insured opted for must be sufficient to take care of healthcare costs in the destination country. Opt for a A&S cover of $250,000 / $500,000 if traveling to USA, Europe, UK or any other developed countries
  • Choose a plan which offers Trip Cancellation and other relevant coverages like Passport Loss, BaggageLoss/Delay etc
  • Choose an insurance partner based on their capability to settle claims rather than the offer the lowest premium

India visitor travel insurance best features

Compare and Buy Plans

The compare facility with free quotes of overseas visitors insurance helps Indian visitors to choose the right plan. When plans offered by different insurance companies are evaluated parallel, visitors quickly understand the difference between coverage and benefits. Not all visitors are aware of all visitors insurance options and the quote comparison certainly helps customers to make an informed choice. It is very simple to get quotes at Eindiainsurance, complete a simple online application with travel dates, destination and insurance sum required to compare plans using the travel insurance premium calculator . Customers can follow easy steps to select the best travel medical insurance in India and buy online.

Note: There will not be additional fees or extra cost for any of the services offered at Eindiainsurace. Pay only the premium cost and get enrolled to the policy of your choice.


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