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Why purchase Mediclaim Insurance?

While excellent health care is now available in most Indian cities, the cost of this quality health care are increasing every year, so much so that having heath insurance is no longer a luxury, but very much as necessity. Adequate health insurance coverage is necessary to pay the bills in case of hospitalization. Adequate health insurance policy coverage will give confidence for the insured to access quality health care and get better treatment. Mediclaim insurance coverage ensures the policy holder to avoid debt to paying medical bills or hospitalization expenses.
There are different types of plans designed by Indian insurance companies. Individual plans for single person coverage, family floater to cover entire family, senior citizen plan for the elderly, specific policies for specific illness such as diabetes... The prominent insurance companies like Apollo Munich, Max Bupa, ICICI Lombard, Oriental Insurance, National Insurance, Bajaj Allianz, Reliance, Star Health, TATA AIG... offer coverage for Indians at affordable premium cost. You can get objective information at and buy the best policy that can suit your requirements.

A few important points have to be noted while buying health insurance. It is advisable to purchase coverage at a younger age, as customer can become ineligible for certain plans as they grow older and have any medical ailments. For example, some insurance policies are not available to anyone who has diabetes. Even if a customer becomes eligible to purchase a specific insurance policy, all plans have a exclusion period during which pre-existing ailments are not covered. It should also be known that the plans do not cover sickness immediately, they usually have a thirty day waiting period before sickness is covered, hospitalization caused by accidents are however covered immediately.

Compare Indian health insurance premium

The premium calculator helps customers to get the correct rates that has to be paid for a selected policy. The premium calculation helps to get best mediclaim plan after comparing quotes from prominent in surance companies in India.

Quick Reference:

Family Plan Family Floater Plan: This type of coverage will include all of your family members in a single policy. Family Floater policy will be more affordable than buying individual health insurance for each family member.
nurse Critical Illness Cover: Under this type of plan there will be coverage for medical expenses incurred for severe diseases like bypass surgery, cancer, stroke etc.
cashless money Cashless Mediclaim Plan: Plans with cashless mediclaim cover ensure tension free hospitalization. All medical expenses incurred for pre & post hospitalization cost is covered and you will get treatment at best hospitals. Medical bills at the hospital will be settled by Insurance Company.
medical test Medical Tests to Buy Health Insurance: Few plans offered by Indian insurance companies require medical test report as one of the document for issuing the policy. You can get this information from Eindiainsurance and submit the medical test report while buying policy.
payment Modes of payment: The modes of payment to buy policy can be cheque, cash, credit/debit card... This depends on the type of plan and insurance company chosen by the customers.
time Time required to issue policy: The time taken to issue policy can vary from insurer to insurer and the type of plan selected by the customers. It can be 10-15 days or less/more than that to issue health insurance policy document to customers. There are chances of even rejection for issuing policy by the underwriting team after verifying the documents. Issuing policy is subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance company and their underwriting team.

Types of Indian Health Insurance

* Get free quotes for Indian health insurance plans at Eindiainsurance and select as per your requirements.

What are the different Types of Health Insurance Policies currently being sold in India?

The different types of popular health insurance in India are:

Indemnity Plans

The most popular and most sought after forms of health insurance in India are indemnity based health insurance plans, also commonly known as “Indian mediclaim insurance”, which cover the costs incurred for inpatient treatment received by the insured during the period of the policy. These India health insurance coverage provide cashless hospitalization or reimbursement of any expenses incurred in the event of hospitalization, diagnostic requirements during this treatment and post hospitalization medical care. The mediclaim insurance coverage in India can be offered as:
  • Individual India Health Insurance Plan - Individual health insurance coverage in India provides a separate and designated sum insured for each insured member. So, with these type of best individual health insurance policies, one member’s medical expenses do not impact the coverage for another family member
  • Family Floater mediclaim Insurance Plan - The family floater insurance coverage in India plan provides coverage to the entire declared family under a single sum insured. Specifically designed for nuclear families, here a fixed sum insured is available for any or all the family members insured under the plan for all claims during the tenure of the policy. A family is normally defined to include the individual, spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law. Thus, if one member ends up using a large portion of the sum insured, the other member may fall short of cover when needed.
It is most definitely recommended that every individual/family have a Good reimbursement/indemnity health insurance policy to ensure they are protected against expenses related to unexpected hospitalization. It is important to note that in case persons are not covered under the best India health insurance, all such medical expenses are borne out of their hard earned savings.

Fixed benefit health insurance plans

Fixed benefit insurance offer a fixed benefit on the occurrence of certain defined medical situations, like the Diagnosis of a Critical Illness, Accident Related Hospitalization, Hospital Cash Benefit etc. Such plans are purchased to not only cover expenses related to hospitalization but also compensate the insured for loss of income during the injury period.
The two specific advantages of such plans is
  1. that they pay the complete sum insured on first diagnosis/occurrence of the incident, irrespective of the expenses incurred by the insured for treatment of the medical condition and
  2. such a payout is over and above what an health insurance plan will pay to the insured by way of reimbursement or cashless expenses. Importantly one must understand that the limitation of such a plan is that it may or may not cover all medical contingencies. The variants include:
    • Critical Illness Indian health insurance(CI)– CI plans offer a fixed lump sum payment on the diagnosis of the defined critical illnesses. Each insurance company provides a list of Critical Illnesses covered under their CI plans that are covered and the benefit is paid on diagnosis of any of these illnesses. Such a payment also provides an income for the insured.
    • Indian Accident Insurance - These plans offer a defined lump sum benefit on the unfortunate incident of an accident to the insured resulting in Death, Dismemberment, Disability, Broken bones, Burns etc. These plans could also cover Education Expenses for the insured’s children as well as Ambulance expenses.
    • India Hospital Cash/Surgical Benefit Insurance – Such plans pay the lump sum benefit of the Sum insured as Hospital Cash, which is a defined per day allowance while the insured is hospitalized following an accident or sickness towards incidental expenses incurred by the insured. Surgical plan on the other hand take care of any major or minor surgery that the insured may need to undergo.
Hence Fixed benefit India mediclaim insurance are essentially like top-up policies, which can supplement the base indemnity coverage of the individual but is not a substitute for the same.

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