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Best Indian health insurance for senior citizens

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There are many insurance companies offering specific health insurance plans for Senior Citizens with attractive benefits. It Is important while finalizing on a Senior Citizen plan, that the following criteria be kept in mind – Benefits / Coverages of the plan, Waiting Period for Pre Existing Conditions and other illnesses, Co Payment for Inpatient treatment, Pre Policy Medical check ups, Lifetime Renewal conditions, Additional Coverages apart from the basic covers.  know more »
While one is purchasing a Health Insurance policy for a Senior Citizen, there are a few factors to keep in mind while going through this process. They include:
  • Coverage: Keep in mind their medical requirements, health concerns, age and other issues that might affect your health insurance premium. Check importantly for sub-limits and co-payment clauses. Select a plan that offers maximum coverage and minimum restrictions.
  • Waiting Periods: This is the period/duration when the insured person has to wait before a defined illnesses is covered under the policy. During this period no claim will be payable for that illness. This period varies from 24/36/48 months depending on the insurance company / illness. In some cases, the health insurance company offers coverage on payment of additional premium. Opt for a shorted waiting period plan.
  • Co-Payments: Co-pay is the % of the claims expense that the policyholder will need to pay against each claim. Most senior citizen health plans come with a co-payment ranging from 10% to 30% depending on the treatment availed by the insured. Choose a plan with lesser co-pay %. Higher co pay could also mean a lower premium.
  • Lifetime renewal: While IRDA mandates that all health insurance policies come with a lifetime renewal clause, there could be a few which come with some pre conditions. Opt for a plan that offers lifetime renewability option without any strings attached. This is particularly important for a Senior Citizen while buying their policy.
  • Pre Policy Health Check Up: Almost all plans insist on the senior citizen / insured going through a medical check up before granting coverage. Some of them also offer a waiver of this check up.
Can a 73 year old get health insurance in India?   Yes, a 73 year old person can get a health insurance plan online at https://www.eindiainsurance.com by following the process laid out online. Given the age of the insured, there is a possibility that the underwriting information collected by the insurer may be a little more detailed as well as the pre policy medical check up could be covering far more tests than the usual set of diagnostic tests.

Some of the key insurance options for Senior Citizens Health insurance are highlighted in the table below:
Insurance Company + Plan Name Eligibility Criteria / Age Sum Insured Options Key Features Waiting Period for Pre-existing Diseases Medical Check-up
Apollo Munich Health Insurance - Optima Senior

Apollo Munich
Any person whose age is 61 years and above.

No Maximum Entry Age.

Lifelong Renewal
2, 3, 5 lacs
  • No claim based loading or claim based underwriting.
  • 30 days pre and 60 days post hospitalisation expenses covered upto SI.
  • 140 day care procedures are covered.
  • One Second E-Opinion per policy year.
24 / 36 months depending on the treatment required Insured will be called for a medical check-up on the basis of your age, health declaration and cover opted for. Your medical check-up will include a medical examination by a doctor, blood tests to measure your cardiac status, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels among other things, urine analysis and cardiac tests to assess the status of your heart and kidneys.
Star Health - Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan

Star Health
Any person between 60 and 75 years of age at the time of entry can take this insurance policy. 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25 lacs
  • Medical Consultations as an out-patient in a Network Hospital.
  • No Third Party Administrator, direct in-house claim management, so faster and hassle-free claim settlement.
  • No Age based Premium Revision – Premium is Sum Insured based.
12 months No pre-acceptance medical test required

However if following medical records of the person proposed for insurance are submitted, a discount of 10% of is allowed. - Stress Thallium Report - BP Report - Sugar (blood & urine) (Fasting / Postprandial) - Blood urea & creatinine
HDFC Ergo – Silver / Gold Plan

Any person whose age is 61 years and above.

No Maximum Entry Age.

Lifelong Renewal
3, 4, 5, 7.5, 10, 15 lacs
  • Get additional sum insured equivalent to the admissible claim amount upto a maximum of the basic sum insured.
  • Pay out a lump sum amount of Rs.15000 as recovery benefit if hospitalization exceeds 10 continuous days.
  • Alternate Treatment - support the healing powers of Ayurveda, Unnani, Sidha and Homeopathy treatment.
48 months Persons opting for a policy for the first time have to undergo a detailed prescribed Pre Health check up from an empanelled doctor in HDFC Ergo Network.
Bajaj Allianz - Silver Health Plan for Senior Citizens

Bajaj Allianz
This policy covers members up to from 46 to 70 years of age

Renewal age upto 75 years
50,000 - 5 lacs
  • Avail 10% cumulative bonus up to your limit of indemnity for every claim-free year, maximum limit up to 50%.
  • Avail free health check-up at our designated medical centres at the end of four continuous claim-free years.
  • Insured Can opt for co-payment waiver.
12 months Pre Policy Medical Check up required for this plan
Tata AIG - MediSenior Health Insurance

Tata AIG
Insureds of the age 61 and above

No Maximum Entry Age.

Lifelong Renewal
1, 3, 5 lacs
  • 140 day care procedures are covered under this health insurance policy.
  • Organ Donor: Pays for medical expenses for an organ donor’s treatment during an organ transplant surgery.
  • Pre & Post Hospitalisations of 30 days and 60 days respectively.
24 / 48 months PPC Required and to be done at Tata AIG Authorised centres.

50% reimbursement of cost after proposal acceptance.
New India - Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

60 - 80 years (renewable up to 90 years of age

Lifelong Renewal
Two Options of 1, 1.50 lacs
  • 30 days pre-hospitalisation (max up to 5% of hospital bill) and 60 days post hospitalisation (max up to 10% of hospital bill).
  • Medical Check Up Upto 1% of Sum Insured subject to a 4 claims free years.
  • 10% Discount for opting Voluntary Excess of Rs.10000/-.
  • 10% Discount in case of Spouse is covered
18 months / 48 months for certain ailments Persons opting for a policy for the first time have to undergo prescribed Pre Health check up from an empanelled doctor.

Cost of check up has to be borne by the proposer.
Religare Health – Care Senior

Religare Health
Individual: 61 years and above Floater: 2 Adult (Self, Spouse, Father, Mother)

Entry Age Maximum : Lifelong

Lifelong Renewal
3, 5, 7, 10 lacs
  • 50% increase in Basic / Medical SI per Policy Year in case of claim-free year; Max up to 100% of SI
  • Detailed health check-ups at no extra cost facilitate monitoring of the insured’s health and promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Pre-Hospitalization for 30 days & Post-Hospitalization for 60 days; Maximum up to SI
24 / 48 months depending on the ailments No Pre Policy Medical Check up

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