Health Plan Comparison

Sl NO (All Amounts in INR) Star Health Insurance Plans Apollo Munich Insurance plans HDFC ERGO Insurance Plans Religare Insurance Plans Reliance Insurance Plans Royal Sundaram Insurance Plans Cigna TTK Insurance Plans TATA AIG Insurance Plans
1 Maximum Sum Insured 2,500,000 5,000,000 750,000 7,500,000 900,000 15,000,000 5,000,000 5,000,000
2 Inpatient Treatment Covered upto max SI Covered upto max SI Covered upto max SI Covered upto max SI Covered upto max SI Covered upto max SI Covered upto max SI Covered upto max SI
3 Room, Boarding & Nursing Charges Single Standard A/C Actual Actual Single Private Room     Any Hospital room except Suite  
4 ICU / Operation Theater Charges Actual Actual Actual Actual     Actual  
5 Ambulance Charges (per policy period) 5,000 2,000 Actual 3,000 1,500 10,000 2,000 Covered
6 Air Ambulance (per policy period) 10% of Sum Insured 250,000           500,000
7 Pre Hospitalisation Expenses incurred upto 30 days upto 60 days upto 60 days upto 30 days upto 60 days upto 60 days upto 60 days upto 30 days
8 Post Hospitalisation Expenses incurred upto 60 days upto 180 days upto 90 days upto 60 days upto 60 days upto 180 days upto 180 days upto 90 days
9 Delivery Charges (Normal) 25,000              
10 Deliver Charges (Cesarean) 40,000     100,000   250,000 up to sum insured 50,000 (60,000 for a girl child)
11 Waiting Period for Delivery 36 months for first delivery       30 days 36 months for first delivery 48 months 48 months
24 months after a delivery claim      
12 Coverage for New Born Child 100,000         3,750,000 Upto Sum Insured upto 90 days from date of birth 10,000
13 Vaccination Charges 1,000         10,000 Included in Sum Insured 10,000 (15,000 for a girl child)
14 Outpatient (OPD) Dental Cover 10000 (Dental/Ophthal coverage in a block of 3 years of continuous renewal             10,000 after completing two years of continuous coverage
15 OPD Medical Consultation (other than OPD Dental & Ophthal) 3,300         10,000    
16 Hospital Cash - per day limit 1500 upto 7 days per occurrence and upto 120 days per policy period (per day limit) 1000 (maximum 6,000)       5,000 1,000  
17 Health Check Up 12,000 (once in a block of 3 claim free years of continuous renewal) 5,000 1% Sum Insured (every 4 years) Covered   Annual Coverage Included once every 3 years 1% of Sum Insured upto a maximum of 10,000
18 Restoration Benefit after exhaustion of Sum Insured (once during policy period) 100% 100%     Upto 100% of SI once, subject to sublimit of 20% for related illness/injury Upto Base Sum Insured Upto 100% multiple times a year Upto Sum Insured
19 Bariatric Surgery(per policy period) 250,000             Covered
20 Accidental Death 2500000 (also included Permanent Total Disablement (PTD))             Fixed amount of 100% SI
21 Day Care Procedures 400 day care procedures are covered All Covered Covers 144 Day care procedures All Covered All Covered All Covered Covers 540 Day Care procedures upto Maximum SI Listed Day Care procedures covered
22 Organ Donor   upto Sum Insured upto Sum Insured 300,000 50% of SI upto 500,000 upto Sum Insured Only Inpatient Expenses upto SI upto Sum Insured
23 Domiciliary Treatment   Up to Sum Insured Up to Sum Insured Up to 10% of Sum Insured Up to 10% of SI upto Maximum of 50,000 Up to Sum Insured Actual Expenses upto 30 days of treatment upto Sum Insured
24 Multiplier Benefit   Bonus @ 50% for every claim free year upto 100% Bonus @ 5% for every claim free year upto 50% Covered Bonus @ 33.33% increase upto 100% for every claim free year Bonus @ 20% increase upto 100% for every claim free year Bonus @ 25% increase upto 100% for every claim free year  
25 Critical Advantage Rider   Included            
26 E Opinion for Critical Illness   Included   Included   Included once per policy year Included once per policy year Included
27 Ayush Benefit     Included 40,000   Government Hospitals - upto SI; Other Hospitals - upto Rs.50,000 Covered Upto Sum Insured Covered Upto Sum Insured
28 Global Coverage for Treatment       Treatment can be availed anywhere in the world   Covered upto max SI; Airfare upto Rs.3,00,000   Covered upto max SI provided diagnosis was made in India
29 Wellness Coverage         Included Included    
30 Call Option         After every 4 claim free years up to maximum 4 times Base Sum Insured provided the total Sum Insured less than or equal to Rs 50 Lac. Can be exercised up to the age of 60 years.      
31 Emergency Domestic Evacuation           300,000    
32 Worldwide Emergency Hospitalisation           Upto 20% of Base SI subject to maximum of Rs. 20 lacs with deductible of $1000 Covered upto max SI once in a policy year  
33 Vaccination Charges (Animal Bite)           7,500   Covered for Anti Rabies and Typhoid
34 Health Maintenance Benefit             Included  
35 Inpatient Dental Treatment               Included
36 Hearing Aid               50% of Actual or 10,000 every third year
37 Prolonged Hospitalisation Benefit               1% of SI if continuous hospitalisation is for more than 10 days
38 High End Diagnostics               Upto 25,000 per policy year
39 Outpatient Treatment               5000 once for every two years
40 Compassionate Visit (Travel)               Upto 20,000
41 Consumables Benefit               Included as per IRDA 2016 guidelines

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There are many insurance providers in India who offer different types of health insurance policies. The benefits provided by them can vary. Insurance buyers can review and compare the benefits provided by different Indian mediclaim insurance products.

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