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Oman, officially the Sultanate of Oman, is an Arab country on the South Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. Its official religion is Islam.
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Oman - General information

Middle East
309,501 km²
Omani rial
Best time to visit
October to April
Country code
50.02 lakhs
Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic
Football and Cricket
Oman Flag
Vacation spots
Jebel Shams, Masirah Island, Majilis Al Jinn, Royal Opera House, Wadi Damm, Sands of Rub’ Al Khali, Bimmah Sinkhole, Muscat, Musandam beaches.

Travel to Oman – Overview

Oman is one of the preferred destinations for the Indian traveller. Traffic growth for Indians to Oman has been growing at around 15% year on year and has reached almost 3.50 lacs travellers last year. While a majority of the Indians visiting Oman are for tourists, there are business visitors as well.

  • Location
  • Visa Requirements
  • Top 10 Tourist Attractions
  • Things You Must Do
  • Food on the Plate
  • Travel Medical Insurance
Location / Language of Oman

Holding a strategically important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, the country shares land borders with the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the southwest, and shares marine borders with Iran and Pakistan. The coast is formed by the Arabian Sea on the southeast and the Gulf of Oman on the North East. Oman is spread over an area of around 3 lac sq km with a population of around 4.5 million. Muscat is the nation's capital and largest city.
Arabic is the official language in Oman.
Visa Requirements / Currency (please note these procedures / exchange rates can changed from time to time…please get an update from the embassy prior to travel)

Indians regularly travel to Oman and there are two different types of visas - tourist visa and business visa. Indian Passport holders need to have a visa for visiting Oman and must obtain the same prior to travelling.
Currency : Omani Rial (OMR)
Conversion : ₹1 INR = 0.0054 OMR
1 OMR = ₹ 183.70 INR
Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Oman

  1. Muscat City – Muscat is the capital and the largest city and the trade center of Oman. Tourists are now more interested to visit Muscat for the Royal Opera House, Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition center etc.
  2. Jebel Akhdar Villages, Nizwa - Al- Jabal Al- Akhter means the green mountain. It is the highest pick of the Hajar Mountain in the eastern region and the highest pick in the entire Sultanate with an altitude of 2,000 meters.
  3. Nizwa Fort - Nizwa castle is the reminder of unbeatable Nizwa town during the Oman’s historical turbulent periods.
  4. Nakhal Fort - This is one of the most beautiful castles in the world. It has got a very balanced spectacular on the rocky surface of the Western Hajar.
  5. Salalah - Salalah is located on the Arabian Sea. This beautiful and almost green city actually attracts people with its beautiful weather.
  6. Ras al - Haad – The Ras al-Hadd is the nest of lots of turtles, that’s why it’s called the turtle beach resort.
  7. Jebel Shams – This is 9,000 feet high from the sea surface and enjoys very cold winters are the rare snowfall. Jebel Shams. The meaning of the name “Jebel Shams” means Mountain of the Sun.
  8. Musandam Fjords – The Musandam Fjords is known as the “Norway of Arabia”. You can enjoy the amazing mountain scenery, swimming and the dolphins.
  9. Wahiba Sands – You can enjoy the rolling sand dunes and romantic sand driving.
  10. Frankincense Coast - You can catch the green land with flowing rivers, waterfalls, lush pastures here in the Frankincense Coast. You will get all these things nowhere in the Arabian region.
Things You Must Do in Oman

  1. Wahiba Sands Tour – Wahiba Sands hold the middle-eastern desert safaris or wait till you try the private camel ride here too.
  2. Wildlife Spotting – One can also spot many other animals in Oman such as the oryx, leopard, desert foxes, wild cats and even the ibex, not forgetting ocean turtles.
  3. Beach Hopping – If you haven’t been to a place where you’d be spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches, well, it’s time you visit Oman. Picturesque beaches line this country.
  4. Visiting Heritage Sites – One of the best things to do in Oman is to check out the glorious heritage sites that have been recognised by UNESCO.
  5. Big Bus Hop On – The easiest way to see all of the Muscat tourist spots is to get onto one of the hop on, hop off Big Bus Muscat bus tours.
Food on the Plate

The cuisine of Oman is influenced by Arab, Persian, Indian, Asian, Eastern Mediterranean, and African cuisine. Dishes are often based on chicken, fish, and lamb, as well as the staple of rice. Most Omani dishes tend to contain a rich mixture of spices, herbs, and marinades. Don’t forget to sample the Omanese food which include:
  • Majboos - This dish is rice mixed with saffron cooked with spicy red or white meat served on special occasions.
  • Shuwa - Lamb, goat or camel meat, is marinated with all kinds of spices. It is cooked underground for a day or two and then eaten.
  • Mashuai - It is a dish consisting of roasted kingfish and savoury lemon rice.
  • Mushaltat – It is soft flatbread stuffed with honey, meat, spinach or cheese.
  • Dates are an Omani staple and are often served with Kahwa in Oman.
Overseas Travel Medical Insurance Oman

India Travel insurance for Oman is much cheaper when compared to more developed destinations in Americas and Europe. Travel insurance offers coverage for medical and travel emergencies. It covers most of the expenses including hospital bills, evacuation, expenses from trip delay, trip interruption…. International medical Insurance for Oman should be purchased for “Excluding Americas” or “Asia” Plan

Illustration for 15 days travel medical insurance to Oman.
Sum Insured($ USD) / Premium in Rs. INR Insured Age 31 Insured Age 61
Asia - $30,000 Rs.693 Rs.1,264
Excluding - $50,000 Rs.763 Rs.1,492
Excluding - $100,000 Rs.988 Rs.1,946

These premiums are across different overseas travel insurance plans and different coverage benefits… please log in to to compare and buy the most appropriate visitors medical insurance for your travel to Oman…

Popular tourist destinations in Oman

Nizwa is an ancient city in the Ad Dakhiliyah region of northern Oman. It sits on a plain characterized by seasonal rivers and palm plantations.
Sharqiya Sands
Sharqiya Sands
The Sharqiya Sands is a region of desert in Oman. The region was named for the Bani Wahiba tribe.
Ras al-Jinz
Ras al-Jinz
Ras al-Jinz located in Oman It is a nesting site for green turtles, as also is the beach at the local village of Ras al Hadd.

Salalah is the capital city of southern Oman's Dhofar province.It's known for its banana plantations, Arabian Sea beaches and waters teeming with sea life.

Popular tourist destination cities in Oman

Muscat city


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