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Cholamandalam Home Protect Insurance

Chola Total Home Protect Insurance is comprehensive home insurance that protects building structure and its contents. It also provides security for your family.
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Features of Chola Home Protect Insurance

Building Contents People
  • Structure [for own house only]
  • Additional rent for alternate accommodation [for own house only]
  • Protection for household appliances against electrical and mechanical breakdown
  • Jewellery and valuables
  • Plate-glass insurance
  • Purchase protection
  • Family floater accidental hospitalization
  • Personal Accident
  • Public Liability
  • Workmen's Compensation

Simple Structure of Plans and covers

Coverage Details Plan Details
Silver Gold Platinum
Building structure cover Only if own house
Contents – Fire, burglary, earthquake, terrorism Yes Yes Yes
Household appliances – electrical & mechanical breakdown Yes Yes Yes
JewellerYes & valuables Yes Yes Yes
Family floater accidental hospitalization - Yes Yes
Additional rent for alternate accommodation Only if own house
Personal Accident - Yes Yes
Public Liability - - Yes
Baggage loss Yes Yes Yes
Plate Glass insurance - Yes Yes
Workmen’s Compensation - - Yes
Purchase protection Yes Yes Yes

Cover for Building Structure

Chola MS Total Home Protect offers cover for loss or damage to the building structure due to:

  • Fire, lightning, implosions, explosions, strike, riots or malicious acts
  • Earthquakes, shock, landslide or subsidence
  • Flood, inundation, storm, typhoon, tempest, tornado, hurricane or cyclone
  • Missile testing operations
  • Acts of terrorism

Cover for Contents

The contents of the house can be insured against loss or damage due to:

  • Fire, lightning, implosions, explosions, burglary, strike, riots or malicious acts
  • Earthquakes, shock, landslide or subsidence
  • Flood, inundation, storm, typhoon, tempest, tornado, hurricane or cyclone
  • Missile testing operations
  • Acts of terrorism

In addition to the Contents Cover, the following additional covers are also available:

  • Domestic electronic appliances (such as television, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, AC) against electrical and Mechanical breakdown.
  • Jewellery and Valuables against burglary, theft, damage by fire, flood and earthquake.
  • Plate Glass against external damage.
  • Baggage lost during travel within India which is compensated for at the market value of the items lost, subject to the sum insured.
It offers:
  • Purchase Protection Cover which is automatic protection for new domestic appliances bought within the home insurance policy duration for a period of thirty (30) days from the purchase date. The cover is offered against damage by fire, floods, earthquake, etc. This is over and above the Contents Cover.
  • Additional Rent for Alternate Accommodation: If the house of the insured is damaged or undergoing renovation or repairs it offers coverage for temporary rent accommodation while the house owner lives in an alternative rented house.

Cover for People

When the house is insured, the family member residing in the house are also covered against unexpected emergencies like

  • Accidental Injuries which is also called Family Floater Accident Hospitalization
  • Personal accident injuries of an immediate family (the policy holder, spouse and/or children) that results either in permanent disablement or fatality.
  • Public legal liability towards a third party due to damage/injury/death to the third person or their property within the insured building structure.
  • It also offers compensation for employees injured or fallen sick in the building premises.The Workmen's Compensation is meant just for this type of legal liability.

Exclusions of Chola Home Protect Insurance

  • Our home insurance policy does not cover damage, destruction or loss related to bullion, unset precious stones, curios or works of art valued at over INR 10,000, plans, drawings, manuscripts, securities, stamps, cheques, coin or paper money, documents, computer system records, business related books, explosives
  • Damage or loss to motor vehicles, cycles or livestock
  • Damage of loss to consumable items
  • Damage for which the supplier or the manufacturer of the property is responsible under the Maintenance Agreement
  • Defects, flaws, partial fractures or cracks that develop over time but do not necessitate immediate stoppage, although repair or replacement of the parts might be needed at some future time
  • Deterioration, wearing away or wearing out of any item due to normal use or exposure
  • Damage due to willful gross negligence or a wilful act of the policy holder or his employee(s)
  • Damage caused by faults that pre-existed the commencement of the current insurance policy and not known to the policy holder, regardless of whether such defects or faults were known to the company or not
  • Damage or loss during transport by any carrier under contract of affreightment
  • Lettered, silvered, embossed, curved, ornamental or any glass other than plain and of ordinary glazing quality

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