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Cholamandalam Student Medical Insurance, one of the effective and affordable student insurance plans in India. Students can stay secure from unforeseen financial crisis in case of a medical emergency while studying abroad. A wide range of risks are covered under this policy to assure peace of mind for students. Get quote and Buy Cholamandalam student insurance online without any hassles.

Policy features

  • Dental treatment - a separate benefit in addition to the medical expenses limit
  • Bail bond - Chola MS covers the bail amount, applicable if arrested or detained by the police or judicial authorities for any bailable offence whilst abroad.
  • Two-way compassionate visit - In the event of hospitalization (more than 7 consecutive days) of a student or a family member, where a family member visits the student or the student visits India, a round-trip economy class ticket for the student / family member and accommodation for the family member visiting abroad will be reimbursed
  • Checked baggage loss - compensation towards permanent loss of baggage in the custody of the carrier.
  • Personal Accident - coverage towards both death and permanent total disability while overseas.
  • Study interruption - reimbursement for the remaining part f the current school semester fee, if studies are interrupted on account of a medical condition or compassionate reasons on the family front.
  • Sponsor protection - reimbursement of tuition fees, in case of death of person sponsoring studies, due to an accident.
  • Personal Liability - compensation towards any legal liability incurred by you to the third party for any injury to a person or damage to a property.
Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Limited is a Joint Venture between the Murugappa Group and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited, Japan. Headquartered in Chennai, Chola MS offers a wide range of insurance products that includes Accident, Engineering, Health, Liability, Marine, Motor, Property, Travel and Rural insurance for individuals and corporates. Chola MS champions a brand philosophy called T3, which stands for Trust, Transparency and Technology. It has also been consistently recognised and awarded by the Government of India, international entities and ratings agencies for its insurance service and delivery innovations. The company has 109 branches and over 9000 agents across the country.

Although Chola MS has been a late entrant into the Travel Insurance segment, they have been able to quickly establish themselves as a serious player South India in Travel Insurance with innovative products and customised service.

Chola MS Age Criteria for Travel Plans:

Plans Insured’s Age Criteria
Student Plan Coverage is offered for students between the ages of 17 – 35 years traveling on a Student Visa.

Chola Student Travel Protection Plan

Chola MS also offers a plan specific for Students intending to go abroad for their higher studies. Some of the key features of this plan include:
  • Three variants with multiple sum insured options for Accident & Sickness expenses. Silver Plan has options of $50,000 and $100,000. Gold and Platinum plans have options of $100,000 and $250,000
  • Coverage available for students between the ages of 17 and 35 years traveling abroad on a Student visa
  • The coverage is in line with the Minimum Health requirements of the University
  • Coverage extended for both Inpatient and Outpatient treatment.
  • Policy can be extended upto 2 years from the inception date.
  • Under the Accident & Sickness coverage in the Platinum Plan, extension is available for Treatment of Mental & Nervous Disorders, Drug Dependency, Maternity Coverage and Sports injuries.
Silver Gold Platinum Deductible
Medical Cover
$ 50,000
$ 100,000
$ 250,000
$ 100,000
$ 250,000
$ 100
Repatriation of Remains
$ 7500 $ 7500 $ 7500 Nil
Medical Expenses Extension
- - Available** $ 100
Dental Treatment
$ 250 $ 250 $ 250 $ 100
Passport Loss
Nil 150 150 $ 30
Personal Liability
Nil 100,000 100,000 Nil
Personal Accident - Domestic
Nil INR 200,000 INR 200,000 Nil
Personal Accident-Overseas
Nil 25,000 25,000 Nil
Study Interruption
Nil 7500 7500 Nil
Sponsor Protection
Nil 10,000 10,000 Nil
Compassionate Visit
Nil 7500 7500 Nil
Checked Baggage
Nil 1000 1000 Nil
Bail Bond
Nil 5000 5000 Nil
Medical Expenses Extension (under the Platinum Plan) Sub Limit (under Medical Expenses )
Cancer Screening & mammography examinations $ 2000
Treatment of medical / nervous disorders including alcoholism & drug dependency  $ 1000
Child care benefits (if the child is above 90 days and is hospitalized for more than 2 days for any ailment.) $ 100 x max 7 days
In - Patient medical expenses related to pregnancy $ 500
Medical expenses for inter - college sports injury As per Medical SI Limit.

The Student Plan offers some unique coverages to the insured student that include:

Bail Bond This coverage is for covering bail amount applicable if the insured is arrested or detained by the police or judicial authorities for any bailable offence while abroad.

2-Way Compassionate Visit If the insured’s family member is hospitalized in India for more than 7 consecutive days, and if the insured needs to travel to India the policy will cover the cost of the round trip economy class air ticket member and accommodation charges for the insured while visiting India subject to the available Sum insured. Similarly if the insured is hospitalized for more than 7 consecutive days while abroad, the policy will cover the cost of the round trip economy class air ticket and accommodation charges for the family member who is visiting abroad.

Study interruption If the insured’s studies are interrupted on account of medical grounds or due to death of an immediate family member or the sponsor, the insurance company will reimburse the non-refundable portion of the tuition fee for the remaining part of the current school semester.

Sponsor Protection In case of accidental death of the sponsor, the insurer will reimburse the tuition fee for the remaining part of the education.

Travel Assistance and Claims Support:

The claim service under Chola MS Overseas Travel Protection Policy is provided by Europ Assistance India Pvt. Ltd., who is a pioneer in Emergency Services with worldwide access and 24*7 service capabilities. Europ Assistance India Pvt. Ltd which is located in Mumbai, is equipped with world class technology and a team of dedicated professionals with long-standing experience in assistance. They leverage well established processes, quality standards and best practices of the Worldwide Europ Assistance Group to deliver high quality services and world class customer care.

Easy Claims:
  • In case of claims, it is mandatory to first contact Europ Assistance (EA) and seek their prior authorisation before incurring any expenses. You can contact them any time on the 24*7 Helpline provided in the Policy wordings and Schedule.
  • Upon successful validation and checks, EA will provide authorisation to the hospital for direct settlement of the bills, so there is no need for you to worry about paying in cash.
  • For non-cashless claims, give all the details to Europ Assistance and register the claim. Upon successful validation checks, the claims administrator will advice you on the checklist of documents to be submitted.
Claims Assistance (Europ Assistance India Pvt. Ltd.) – Contact Numbers (24 hours) Country Toll free Number
Argentina, Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom 00 + 800 9944 1234
Singapore, Thailand 001 + 800 9944 1234
Japan 001 / 010 + 800 9944 1234
Hong Kong 001 / 006 + 800 9944 1234
Australia 0011 + 800 9944 1234
Canada 011 + 800 9944 1234
Israel 00 / 014 + 800 9944 1234
USA 18337426674
Greece 86002038018

Cholamandalam Student Plans

  • Medical Covers: $50,000/$100,000
  • It covers Repatriation of Remains and Dental Treatment.
  • Medical Covers: $100,000/$ 250,000
  • It covers Dental Treatment, Passport Loss, Personal Liability, Personal Accident - Domestic, Personal Accident-Overseas etc.
  • Medical Covers: $100,000/$ 250,000
  • It covers Medical Expenses Extension, Dental Treatment, Passport Loss, Personal Liability, Personal Accident - Domestic, Personal Accident-Overseas etc.

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