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1. Why buy student insurance policy?
Student medical insurance is insurance coverage offered to Indian students studying overseas. This insurance ensures financial security for the student during an emergency while the student is abroad for education. Most overseas universities mandate student insurance coverage to pay medical bills during emergencies like accidents and sudden illness. Since health care is very expensive in foreign countries it is strongly recommended that students have student insurance policy even if the university does not mandate this requirement.
2. What is the benefit of buying student insurance online?
Buying student insurance online saves your time, energy and money. Students can get all relevant information about different insurance products such as the benefit details, any exclusions as well as premium rates. At EIndiaInsurance, students can also compare different insurance plans based on premium rates and different coverage details. Students can also buy Indian student insurance policy conveniently by using a credit card, debit card or cheque without the assistance of insurance agents.

Buy online is also advantageous even after the purchase is complete. Students can contact us at the website either by email or by telephone should they want changes to the policy, such as want an extension of the plan. These advantages will not be available through traditional insurance agents, as it will be hard to communicate with them once you are outside India.
3. How soon will the coverage begin??
Coverage can begin on the requested start date in the application. The earliest it can start is as soon as the following day of your enrolment, provided you complete enrolment giving correct details and correct payment is made.
4. Will confirmation of insurance be mailed to me?
Yes. After your application is processed, the insurance policy certificate will be emailed as well as couriered to the mailing address specified by you.
5. What should I do to change my policy effective date?
Please send any corrections to us in writing by email, fax or mail and we will confirm the changes. When sending correspondence, please include a valid email address and phone number and reference of your Online Order Transaction number.
6. Is student insurance effective only while I am on campus?
No. Student Insurance is effective all twenty four hours of the day, and all seven days of the week wherever you are while studying abroad.
7. Is soft copy of the policy valid?
Yes, it is a legal valid document. Once you receive soft copy of the policy, take a print out of the same and use it. We also send a hard copy of the policy through courier to your Indian address.
8. I’m a student already outside India. Can I buy Indian student insurance?
The ‘Student Outside India’ form (please hyperlink to form here) is specially designed to help you get coverage if you are already outside India. To get approval for purchasing insurance outside India, students are required to fill the student outside India form. Provide correct details to apply for the approval.
9. I am just graduated from the University; does student insurance still cover me?
Enrolment as full time student is required to benefit student insurance coverage. (Although there are a few exceptional cases)
10. What if I want to extend Student Medical insurance?
You can extend your Student Insurance before the expiry of the policy period. You have to inform us by completing online renewal form (link to online renewal form) and we will work with the insurance provider. You require approval from the insurance company to extend your student medical insurance.
10. Are dependents of student's eligible for coverage?
Yes. Dependents (spouse and/or child under age 18) of enrolled students may apply for insurance with the student, or within 31 days of birth, legal adoption, marriage or arrival in country of study. If your dependents are not eligible for Student insurance, they may enrol in one of our other plans for people outside their home country.
10. May I purchase Student insurance if I am already studying outside my home country?
Yes. You may purchase Student insurance regardless of how long you have been studying outside your home country, as long as you fulfil the eligibility requirements as specified by the insurance company.
10. How soon will the student insurance coverage begin?
The coverage will come into effect as early as the following day provided you correctly complete an online application and correct payment is made.
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