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India had a total of around 550,000 students abroad in as many as 86 countries during 2017-18. 36 of these are countries are from Asia, 32 from Europe, 8 from Africa, 6 from South America and 2 each from North America & Australia. More than 50% of the Indian students’ study in North America, specifically USA. These numbers have been growing at an average of around 7-8% YOY, which has reduced from a few years ago.

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When the same information is presented by continent (as seen below), it can be seen that 56% of Indian students are opting for US and Canadian Universities while Asian (China, Bahrain, Philippines) and Australian (Australia & New Zealand) Universities are a significantly lower contribution of around 100,000 students each

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Some of the factors that influence students to continue to explore overseas shores for higher education include:

  • Reputation of the Institute / University – this is normally through word of mouth and school/college seniors recommendations – the Ivy League institutions are a big draw.
  • Quality of Education and Exposure – Most Universities offer Indian students a wide range of options in terms of subjects to choose from. Flexible curriculum allows interested students to attend much more electives of their choice and preference. This is backed up by opportunities of working abroad with higher remunerations.
  • Many students also go abroad because they are unable to find their choice of courses locally or cannot get admission in the country’s top universities given the sheer number of applicant students for a limited number of seats available.
  • Peer Pressure – the Indian student still undergoes a lot of peer pressure in terms of class mates / parents wanting them to have a "foreign" degree
  • Better Career Opportunities in India when they return

Students in United States of America

Given that the USA has the biggest intake of students every year from across the world, it is important to dedicate a small section only to the US Education set up. Today the number of Indians going abroad especially to the US have been growing steadily over the years. According to Worldwide Education Services (WES) Report for 2017-18, India alone sent almost 2 lacs students to the US.

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The top 10 Universities/Colleges in USA taking in International students are below, with New York University having the maximum intake of students each year followed by University of Southern California followed by Columbia University in Boston. This is as per data published in the WES Report for 2017-18.

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Student international universities Insurance FAQ’s

No, it is not possible for college students to get free health insurance from their College/University. Students who manage to obtain scholarships based on their meritorious application will received a waiver of their education fees, but will still need to purchase an insurance cover for their tenure as a student at the College/University since it is a mandatory coverage requirement. But when the cost of insurance is just between 3-4% of the total cost of the education course, each student should ensure be willing to buy the insurance policy irrespective of it being mandatory or not. Indian insurance companies have been offering comparable and competitively priced student health insurance plans for the Indian students going abroad and they should evaluate the options within India before they opt for the College/University plans.

Yes, it is mandatory for all students proposing to go abroad for their higher education to any College/University to have a health insurance plan in place. No student will be enrolled into the College/University without confirming coverage under a health insurance plan which meets the University Minimum Health requirements. Currently all students bound for Colleges/Universities abroad have an option to buy the insurance plan through the College/University or purchase the same from an Indian insurance company prior to travelling abroad. While there is a preference for the Indian students to but the policy offered by the Educational Institution, the Indian insurance companies also do offer comprehensive student insurance solutions for the discerning student traveller. One can opt for the Indian insurance plans since they offer more comprehensive coverages at lower premiums that their foreign insurance counterparts (through the College/University). Indian insurance companies offer Accident & Sickness expenses, Personal Accident, Medical Evacuation and Repatriation while Non Medical coverages include Maternity Coverage, Study Interruption, Compassionate Visit, Sponsor Protection, Cancer Screening & Mammography as some of the key coverages under their student insurance plans.

Most Colleges/Universities have their own arrangements in partnership with local insurance companies to offer Student health insurance plans for the students enrolling in their institution. This is in line with the Minimum Health requirements of the particular state/territory and all student policies must comply with these requirements. Indian insurance companies also offer student health insurance plans with comparable benefits to the Minimum Health requirements and these coverages are offered at very competitive premiums as well. Students traveling abroad should know that they can purchase the Indian insurance plans as long as they meet the Minimum Health Requirements laid down by the College/University and should buy this policy before leaving India. Indian insurers also offer a long term 2/3 year duration student health insurance plan to cover the entire duration of their study abroad. Most of the Indian insurance plans cover Accident & Sickness, Sponsor Protection, Cancer Screening, Maternity, Mental & Nervous Disorders, Personal Liability.

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