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Compare best single trip family travel insurance policies from our top rated travel insurance providers. Family is an integral part of every human being. Every person is incomplete without his or her family around them. Man is a social animal but even then in his life the family plays a pivotal and important role at all times. All family members play an equal part while shouldering responsibilities within the family. This will make the family complete and all members are happy. In the Indian scenario, these family bonds continue to last and grow even when the children go abroad for studies or employment and finally to settle on foreign shores. We currently have 31.22 million persons of India origin (NRI’s and Overseas Citiziens of India [OCI]) across 190 countries as per the MEA, Government of India.
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So the Indian traveller spends a lot of time and effort to keep these family ties strong and hence almost 30% of trips made abroad are to spend time with family, relatives and friends. According to a Expedia Study in 2017, another interesting fact is that 76% of Indian Travellers are likely to travel with their Family Members, Partners or Friends... this is the highest in the world against many developed nation’s travellers who prefer to travel alone.

Individual travel insurance for each family member is when every family member is offered an independent sum insured to cover medical expenses up to policies medical maximum. This type of individual travel insurance coverage for multiple family members can be in a single travel insurance document, where the different family members are listed within that travel insurance policy document. The individual travel insurance options will be slightly expensive when compare to the family floater travel insurance policy as the traveler, the spouse and children are covered separately up to chosen plan maximum.

A Family floater travel insurance policy is issued with a single sum insured covering many individuals of a family. The cover can be used by any member of the family any number of times during the policy period. If a traveler wants a travel insurance for himself, his spouse & their children, the Family Floater plan is ideal and offers insurance coverage to the entire family under one premium payment.

Let’s take an example where the traveler insures himself, his spouse and two dependent children with individual insurance plans having a medical maximum coverage of of Rs 1 lac each. The travelers pays an average premium of Rs X for each family member, which amounts of Rs 4X (assuming they are in the same age band for the premium and hence is the same cost for each traveler). If the person opted for the family floater plan with the sum insured of Rs 1 lacs, the total premium would typically be less than the separate premium payments in individual health insurance plans, ie less than Rs 4X. Moreover the individual plan has coverage of Rs 1 lac for each member as against Rs 1 lacs in case of the Floater plan( in case the medical treatment exceed Rs 1 lac). This Rs 1 lacs is available for each of the family members individually as well as collectively.

It is recommended for younger ages of all family members, to choose the family floater cover, as the members grow older, it is recommended to choose the individual travel insurance coverage.
Compare Indian Family Travel Insurance Plans
Insurance Companies offering family travel insurance
Bajaj allianz Insurance Plans Reliance Insurance Plans Religare Insurance Plans HDFC ERGO Insurance Plans Apollo Munich Insurance Plans
The Family Travel Insurance plan is designed for families who are likely to travel together on a trip and are looking for a single cover for all of them. Some of the insurance plans for the Family can also be offered on a Floater basis to ensure maximum coverage at most economical cost.
Coverages Offered

Policy Exclusions

  • Any Pre-existing Condition
  • Routine physicals or other examination
  • Elective, cosmetic, or plastic surgery
  • Suicide, (AIDS), / (HIV) infection
  • Under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants
  • Loss arising out of War, civil unrest, Terrorism
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Participation in Adventure Sports
  • Pregnancy related conditions
Popular Family Travel Insurance Options:
  • Apollo Munich Family Travel Insurance: where you could have a single premium covering upto 6 members of the family under a single policy. This is advantageous if the group size is atleast 4 members since the travellers can ensure overall premium is lesser as opposed to going for individual policies
  • Religare Group Family Travel Insurance: where you can consolidate individual premiums but get a group family discount depending on the number of members travelling together
  • HDFC Family Floater Travel Insurance: where you can choose for the option to buy a family policy with a Floater Sum Insured where there is a single Sum Insured Limit for Emergency Accident & Sickness covering all members of the family

What is a International Family Floater Travel Insurance Policy? How does it work?

This is most prevalent in Health Policies, although a few insurers offer this benefit under best worldwide family travel insurance. A floater policy is one that is issued with a single sum insured covering number of individuals of a family.
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Family travel insurance for schengen visa

Family travel insurance for schengen visa

Indian Families travelling to any of the Schengen countries must apply for Schengen visa. The consulate have made it mandatory for travelers to buy adequate travel medical insurance for Schengen visa. The travel insurance for Schengen visa must satisfy these requirements:
  • Minimum medical insurance coverage of at least €30,000.
  • Travel medical insurance coverage for repatriation and emergency medical evacuation.
  • The insurance company must have an representative office in Europe.
  • Insurance must be valid for the entire duration of stay in the Schengen states.
There are popular India family travel insurance for Schengen visa. Compare family travel insurance for Schengen visa and buy the best travel medical insurance for Schengen visa.
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Indian travel insurance for your family

Comprehensive Family Travel insurance policies provide coverage unplanned adverse situations while outside India. Some of the coverage benefits that the insured travelers has includes coverage for personal accident, medical expenses and repatriation, loss of checked baggage, passport etc.. We have listed the travel insurance under the following different segments.

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Select the policy you want to buy from the displayed policy options.
Complete the online application form.
Click on continue button to pay the premium by using your credit/debit card
Select your card type and complete the online purchase.
The policy will now be issued and emailed.

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