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Overseas Annual Multi Trip travel insurance

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multitrip Travel Insurance

Multi trip travel insurance for frequent travellers from India

The Annual Multi Trip policy is ideally suited for frequent travellers who travel multiple times every year. The insured can purchase a single policy for 365 days during which period he/she can travel as many times as they need to, without having to worry about the coverage for each trip. Most insurers offer an annual coverage with each individual trip having a duration upto 30 or 45 days, that the insured can choose from depending on their travel requirements.

The Annual Multi Trip policy is also an economical option when compared to purchasing individual single trip policies each time they travel. In addition to this, it offers the traveller complete peace of mind for the entire year, not requiring them to remember to purchase a single trip policy each time they need to travel. In terms of coverages also, the Annual Multi Trip plans offer the insured a comprehensive range of benefits to take care of any exigency (both medical and non medical) when they are traveling.

According to an Amadeus report in Asia Travellers with specific focus on the India Traveller, in terms of frequency of travel abroad, almost 55% of all travellers make atleast 3 trips abroad and 10% within this travel more than 8 times each year. This 55% are ideal candidates for an Annual Multitrip Policy.

What is annual multi trip insurance?

Depending on the number of foreign trips that a traveller makes every year, they can opt for a single trip insurance plan or a multitrip insurance policy. An Annual multi trip insurance plan is an Annual policy issued to a frequent traveller and this policy covers the traveller for any number of trips that they make during this period of one year. The advantages of a frequent travelling opting for an Annual Insurance policy is:

  • It is more economical that purchasing a single trip policy each time they travel.
  • It offers peace of mind to the traveller who need not worry about purchasing an insurance plan for each trip.
  • An Annual Multi Trip plan is normally a worldwide policy and hence the traveller is covered irrespective of the destination of travel.

How does annual travel insurance work?

An Annual Multi Trip (AMT) travel insurance plan is suited best for travellers who frequently travel for their business/leisure purposes. An AMT plan is typically issued for 1 year (365 days) and has options of capping each trip to 30/45/60 days.

This means that if the traveller opts for an annual policy with a 45 day trip capping, they will remain covered for each trip during the year upto a maximum period of 45 days. Once the applicable premium is paid by the traveller, an annual policy is issued and this covers the insured traveller for the entire period of 365 days irrespective of the number of single trips that he/she makes during this one year period.

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The advantage of an AMT is i) it is more economical to the traveller than buying a single trip insurance policy every time they travel…ii) they do not have to remember each time their travel to buy an insurance cover and hence don’t risk being uninsured when abroad.

Salient Features of Indian Annual Multi-Trip travel Insurance Plans

Here is a list of the salient features of the advantages of annual multitrip plan:

  • Provides continuous coverage for 365 days to the insured irrespective of the number of individual trips that they make during the year, provided that each single trip duration does not exceed the maximum trip duration (30/45 days) opted for by the insured.
  • There is a single insurance certificate issued to the insured for 365 days, that they can carry with them every time they travel. No separate certificate needs to be issued for each trip, this means that the insured can opt for last minute trips without being worried about coverage and without informing the insurance company.
  • One of the most important features is that the insurance company guarantees coverage to the insured for the entire year, irrespective of whether the insured files a claim for a covered benefit during any of the trips. The policy cannot be cancelled by the insurer mid term and the policy can be renewed life long by the insured against payment of the requisite premium. In this respect it is similar to a motor insurance policy, which is provided on an annual basis.
  • There is a free look period of 15 days provided to the insured to review the terms and conditions of the policy and if not satisfied, they can cancel the policy and seek a full refund of premium. Single trip policies do not offer this free look period.
  • If for whatever reason the insured wants to cancel the policy mid year, the same is possible and the insurance company will refund the applicable premium as per their terms and conditions stated in the policy document.
  • The sum insured stated against each benefit is available to the insured for each trip. So if there is an unfortunate incident when the insured needs to file a claim, the sum insured gets reinstated back to the original sum insured for the insured’s next trip.
  • It saves the insured the extra cost and hassle of having to purchase a single trip policy every time they happen to travel.
Corporate Overseas India Travel Insurance

Coverage & Benefits under the Annual Multiple Trips Travel Insurance Plans

Some of the coverages included in the Annual Multi Trip policies include:

  • Accident & Sickness
    • Coverage for in patient and out patient medical treatment for both sickness and accident related situations.

  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains
    • Shifting the insured to another hospital for treatment and Repatriating the mortal remains of the insured in case of death whilst travelling.

  • Baggage delay
    • Compensation for reasonable expenses incurred, whilst overseas, for purchase of emergency personal effects like toiletries, clothing, medication etc. due to late arrival of checked in baggage on account delay or misdirection by the common carrier

  • Baggage Loss
    • This benefit will reimburse the insured for loss of checked in baggage in the custody of the common carrier subject to the policy limits in the chosen plan.

  • Personal Liability
    • If due to an act of negligence or otherwise, any property damage caused by you to a third party resulting in the said party filing a suit against you, the said claim is payable under the Personal Liability section of the policy. Similarly, if as a result of an accident any bodily injury caused to a third party, resulting in a law suit, then the medical expenses incurred by the third party is paid for by the policy under the Personal Liability section, upto the policy limits specified in the policy.
  • Loss of Passport
    • This benefit will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred by the insured to obtain a duplicate passport from the Indian embassy abroad.

  • Trip Cancellation
    • The Insurer will pay loss of deposits/advances (unused, non-refundable cancellation portion ) already paid to the hotel/airline/cruise etc if prior to the departure date, your trip is cancelled and you are prevented from taking the trip due to a sickness, injury or death to: you; your traveling companion; your immediate family member; or your traveling companion's immediate family member.

  • Missed Departure/Connection
    • The insured will be reimbursed reasonable expenses due to Missed Connections/Departure by airline/train, on your return journey, during the course of an insured trip. The delay needs to be on account of 1) inclement weather or 2) strike by employees of a common carrier or 3) equipment failure of the common carrier.

  • Bounced Booking of Hotel/Airline
    • The Insurance company will reimburse the insured the hotel booking / airline ticket difference if the same is bounced due to over booking. Wait listed booking will not be compensated.

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance FAQ’s

  • Any Pre-existing Condition or any complication arising from it (unless specifically covered under certain plans that are purchased by the insured)
  • Routine physicals or other examinations where there are no objective indications or impairment in normal health, and laboratory diagnostic or X-ray examinations except in the course of a disability established by the prior call or attendance of a Physician (an example could be a person visiting the hospital to check their blood pressure or their cholesterol levels, just for their information)
  • Elective, cosmetic, or plastic surgery, except as a result of an Injury caused by a covered Accident
  • Being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants or hallucinogens unless properly prescribed by a Physician and taken as prescribed
  • Any loss arising out of War, civil war, invasion, insurrection, revolution, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether War be declared or not), rebellion, mutiny, use of military power or usurpation of government or military power, Terrorism
  • Congenital anomalies or any complications or conditions arising therefrom
  • Participation in winter sports, skydiving/parachuting, hang gliding, bungee jumping, scuba diving, mountain climbing, rafting or canoeing (please note that on our eIndiaInsurance website, we offer some insurance plans that cover Adventure sports…so if the insured is likely to participate in any of these activities, it’s best to buy a plan that covers Adventure Sports)
  • Pregnancy and all related conditions, including services and supplies related to the diagnosis or treatment of infertility or other problems related to inability to conceive a child; birth control, including surgical procedures and devices

The process of filing a claim is very similar to Single Trip policies. The insured needs to:
  • Inpatient Medical Claim – reach out to the Assistance Company, who will arrange admission and Guarantee of Payment to the hospital on behalf of the insured
  • Outpatient Medical Claim – contact the insurance company back in India and submit the claim form with the requisite documents/bills for reimbursement
  • Non Medical Claim - contact the insurance company back in India and submit the claim form with the requisite documents/bills for reimbursement

Annual Multitrip Travel Insurance Plan

Insurance Companies offering Annual Multitrip travel insurance

  • TATA AIG Insurance Plans
  • Bajaj Allianz Insurance Plans
  • Cholamandalam Insurance Plans
  • Apollo Munich Insurance Plans
  • Reliance Insurance Plans
  • Future Generali Insurance Plans
  • Religare Insurance Plans
  • Royal Sundaram Insurance Plans

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Overview


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Overseas multi trip travel insurance products


  • Available for ages 19 yrs to 70 yrs
  • Cover up to 30/45 days per trip

Bajaj Allianz

  • Available for ages 18 yrs to 60 yrs
  • Cover up to 45 days per trip


  • Available for ages 1 yrs to 70 yrs
  • Cover up to 30/45 days per trip


  • Available for ages 18 yrs to 70 yrs
  • Cover up to 30/45/60/90 days per trip


  • Available for ages 18 yrs to 70 yrs
  • Cover up to 30/45 days per trip

Future Generali

  • Available for ages 18 yrs to 70 yrs
  • Cover up to 30/45 days per trip

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