Cashless Everywhere for your Health Insurance Policies

The General Insurance Council (GIC) of India has introduced the 'Cashless Everywhere' initiative, aimed at revolutionizing cashless claim settlements across India's insurance landscape. This initiative signifies a significant leap forward in improving customer convenience and experience within the insurance sector.

With 'Cashless Everywhere' the GIC aims to ensure that policyholders have access to cashless claim settlement services at a vast network of hospitals and healthcare facilities. This streamlined approach simplifies and expedites the claims process, eliminating the need for upfront payments by policyholders and subsequent reimbursement hassles.

Expanding the availability of cashless claim settlement facilities enhances access to crucial healthcare services, particularly during emergencies, where immediate medical attention is critical. Additionally, this initiative aligns with broader efforts to promote digitalization and bolster efficiency within the insurance industry.

Currently, in an event of hospitalisation of the insured, the cashless facility is available only at “Network Hospitals” where the respective insurance company has an agreement or tie-ups. However, under the ‘Cashless Everywhere’ initiative, all policyholders will be eligible to get their treatment done in any hospital they opt for, and a cashless facility will be made available by the insurer, even if the hospital is not part of the Network of the Insurance company.

The introduction of the 'Cashless Everywhere' initiative underscores the insurance sector's dedication to enhancing customer-centric services and embracing technological advancements for the benefit of policyholders across the country.

The ‘Cashless Everywhere’ is subject to following criteria, as laid out by the General Insurance Council:

  1. For Elective Procedures, the insured member should intimate the Insurance Company at least 48 hours prior to the admission.
  2. For Emergency Treatment, the insured member should intimate the Insurance Company within 48 hours of admission.
  3. Importantly, the claim should be admissible/payable as per the terms and conditions of the health insurance policy and the cashless facility should be as per the operating guidelines of the respective Insurance Company.
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