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Due to the availability of different travel insurance plans provided by several Indian Insurance companies, deciding on a specific insurance is not a easy. The policies designed by the Indian insurance companies provide different medical coverage, have different deductibles, limitations and exclusions. has developed a comprehensive and custom friendly Compare Indian travel insurance quotes tool which will help you compare the insurance quotes and benefit options in an easier way. You compare the different insurance policies and choose a policy that satisfies all your specific needs. The policy can be bought online by making the payment using a credit or debit card followed by which the policy will be emailed back to you.

Popular tourist destinations in Belgium

Grand Place
La Grand Place, or De Grote Markt in Dutch, is surrounded by beautiful guildhalls and other buildings dating from the 14th to 17th centuries.
Canals of Bruges
The canals of Bruges are part of the personality of the city. They are one of the main attractions in Bruges to the extent that the city is known as the "Venice of the North".
Ghent's Gravensteen and Old Town
The Gravensteen is a medieval castle in the Belgian city of Ghent. The current castle dates to ... structures in Ghent · Buildings and structures completed in 1180 ·

Meuse Valley
The 1930 Meuse Valley fog killed 60 people in Belgium due to a combination of industrial air pollution and climatic conditions in December that year.

About Belgium

Indian visitors can visit Belgium and the other 25 Schengen countries with the help of a single Schengen Visa. The Schengen Countries Consulate however have made it compulsory for a traveler visiting Belgium or any of the other 25 Schengen countries to have a valid medical insurance coverage.

  • Belgium is a federal country situated in western part of Europe.
  • Brussels which is Belgium Capital, the Flemish and the Walloon are the 3 main regions in Belgium.
  • Dutch, French and German are considered to be the 3 officially spoken here.
  • 75% of the Belgians are Roman Catholics and the remaining are Protestants.
  • Brussels is the largest metropolitan area in the Kingdom of Belgium.
  • Other popular cities of Belgium include Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven.
  • Bruges is considered to be the most beautiful city in Belgium and is known as The Venice of the North as it has many waterways.
  • Belgium is famous for its hospitality, finest cuisine, delicious Belgium chocolate, waffles and french fries.
  • North Sea and Atlantic Ocean influence the climate in Belgium.
  • Belgium enjoys temperate maritime climate with mild winters and cool summers.
  • The best time to visit Belgium is between mid April and mid October.
  • Most of the tourist visit Belgium in the months of July and August as the climate will be extremely pleasant.

Belgium - General information

30,528 km²
Best time to visit
September – October.
Country code
11.50 million
Football, Cycling, Tennis etc.
Belgium Flag
Vacation spots
Tournai, Mechelen, Ardennes, Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges, Dinant, Mons.
Although Brussels is a travel hub for most Indian airlines travelling to Europe and USA, the number of Indians tourists to Belgium is still quite low at just around 25,000 currently. This will grow at a relatively low pace in the coming years.

Location / Language Belgium, is in Western Europe. It is bordered by the Netherlands to the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the southeast, France to the southwest, and the North Sea to the northwest. It covers an area of around 30,000 sq km and has a population of more than 11.4 million. The capital and largest city is Brussels; other major cities are Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi and Liège.

Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French, and German. A number of non-official, minority languages and dialects are spoken as well.
Visa Requirements / Currency (please note these procedures/ exchange rates can changed from time to time…please get an update from the embassy prior to travel) As India is not part of the Schengen Area, if one is an Indian passport holder you will need to apply for the appropriate type of Schengen Belgium Visa for travelling to the country. To be eligible for a Schengen Visa for Belgium, one will mainly need their current passport, along with certain documents, to be submitted with the Visa application form.

Currency : Euro (EUR)
Conversion: Rs.1 INR = 0.013 EUR
1 EUR = Rs. 78.04 INR
Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Belgium
  1. Grand Place – It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding blend of architectural and artistic styles with an ornate medieval hall, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and the 75/24-meter Flower Carpet, made up of more than 700,000 cut begonias.
  2. The Basilica of the Holy Blood, Bruges – It is not only impressive for its blending of Romanesque and late Gothic architecture but also for the sacred relic kept inside. The upper chapel is home to the famous vial said to contain a drop of Jesus Christ's blood that was brought back to Belgium after the Second Crusade.
  3. Cathedral of Saint Bavo, Ghent - This majestic cathedral with its high Gothic choir and Romanesque crypt showcases the best of religious architecture with its harmonious stained glass windows and the Flemish masterpiece known as The Altar of Ghent. The crypt also contains important tombs and some beautiful wall paintings.
  4. Waterloo - The place where Napoleon was defeated in the famous battle is today a countryside of agricultural fields, but an artificial hill rises up from the surrounding flatlands with a memorial lion sculpture atop the summit to commemorate the day when Napoleon's army was finally stopped.
  5. Horta Museum and Town Houses – Horta Museum has been preserved as Victor Horta designed them, with the original stained glass, mosaics, wood work, and decorations. The two joined buildings of his house and studio show Art Nouveau and his four major town houses - Hôtel Tassel, Hôtel Solvay, Hôtel van Eetvelde, and Maison & Atelier Horta - are also included in the UNESCO site.
  6. Mons Old Town - The Grand Place, a main square graced by a variety of typically ornate buildings, the Toison d'Or House (1615) and the Chapel of St. George (1604) are architectural highpoints which any tourist must explore. Also the UNESCO-listed bell tower on the hill above town and the Church of Sainte-Waudru are important attractions.
  7. The Canals and Belfry @ Bruges - On the banks of the river Reie, the series of waterways (canals) connecting it to the Zwin estuary and the North Sea are beautiful reminders of Bruges history. Walk or take the Boat and enjoy the picturesque bridges and hidden gardens.
  8. Semois Valley - In the southeast of the country, the Semois River cuts through thick forest-clad hills of the valley which offers a slice of Belgium's scenery at its most viscerally beautiful particularly during spring when the wildflowers bloom.
  9. The Battlefields of Flanders - The battlefields are a major pilgrimage site where the preserved trenches run for kilometers around the town of Ypres, while this area is also scattered with vast cemeteries for the thousands of soldiers who died here.
  10. Ghent's Gravensteen and Old Town - Gravensteen is a surviving moated fortress which has been incredibly well-preserved with its strong and impressively thick and high walls but it's the castle's architecture itself that is the real star of the show.
Things You Must Do in Belgium
  1. Don’t miss a Canal Cruise on Bruges - It is indeed a city to be enjoyed and its beauty can be best admired by cruising through it on the canals by boat. This is one of the things to do in Belgium that you must add to your bucket list.
  2. Read Comics at the Museum - In fact there are more comic artists in Belgium than any other nation. A number of museums are even dedicated to the art of comic making. One must enjoy this experience of reading Tintin etc...
  3. Go Kayaking on the Lesse - Though the river Lesse is safe and shallow, the downstream current has the ability to carry you along with minimal effort for paddling, a must try activity.
  4. Explore the Woods on Wheels - One of the best things to do in Brussels in a day is exploring the expansive green Sonian forest on two wheelers. This ancient forest has beautiful old oaks, and smooth, well – marked routes that criss-cross through the dense beech trees.
  5. Attend a Crazy Music Festival - Every weekend there’s a festival on somewhere or the other. There’s a festival for everybody – the free, the paid, the big and small, the jazz, folk, techno, rock and even pop.
Food on the Plate Belgian cuisine is widely varied also reflecting the cuisines of neighbouring France, Germany and the Netherlands. It is sometimes said that Belgian food is served in the quantity of German cuisine but with the quality of French food. Outside the country, Belgium is best known for its chocolate, waffles, fries and beer.

Belgian food one must try includes:
  • Waffles – The Brussels waffle, is rectangular and flaky. It is often topped with whipped cream, chocolate, ice-cream or various fruit toppings. The denser Liège waffle has rounded edges and crystallized sugar baked into it, making it slightly sticky and sweeter than the Brussels waffle.
  • Belgian Chocolates and Beer – One can’t but resist sampling the best chocolate in the world and then sipping on the varieties of beer on offer.
  • Flemish Stew - This typical Belgian food is made from meat slowly simmered in Belgian beer until it melts in your mouth. The sauce is thickened with a few slabs of bread slathered in mustard, a bit of onion, and some seasoning.
  • Fries (French Fries) - They are somewhat the national dish of Belgium. You’ll never hear a Belgian call them “french fries”, and once you eat fries in Belgium, they’ll never taste as good anywhere else.
  • Mussels – The most common way mussels are served in Belgium is steamed in white wine, in big black mussel pots. In addition to wine, moules, marinières also contain shallots, parsley, and butter.
India travel health Insurance for Belgium Since Belgium is a country which is part of the Schengen countries in Europe, it is mandatory for Indian traveller applying for Begium Visa to purchase Schengen Visa insurance.

India Travel insurance for Belgium is relatively cheaper when compared to destinations in Americas, and most insurance companies offer a specific Schengen Insurance Plan. One must ensure that the minimum Accident & Sickness (A&S) sum insured for a Schengen plan must be €30,000 (around $50,000), and a visa to visit any Schengen country will not be provided without this minimum coverage.

The insured must purchase an “Excluding Americas” Plan, if they are travelling to other destinations that don’t include only Schengen countries.

Illustration for 15 days travel health insurance for Indians visiting Belgium.
Sum Insured($USD or €Euro) / Premium in Rs. INR Insured Age 35 Insured Age 65
Schengen - €30,000 Rs.733 Rs.1,561
Schengen - €50,000 Rs.830 Rs.1,694
Excluding - $50,000 Rs.1028 Rs.1,714
You can also choose “Excluding Plans” with Sum Insureds as high as $500,000 as well. These premiums are across different plans and different benefits.. please log in to to compare and buy the best Schengen visa Insurance for Indian tourists to Belgium.

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