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There are several Indian insurance companies that offer travel insurance which satisfy consulate requirements for the Schengen visa. However, deciding on a specific policy can be cumbersome given the many options. There are several policies, different medical maximum coverages, different deductible options and limitations. Choosing a policy that satisfies your specific requirements is not always simple.

At we have created a comprehensive, easy to use 'Compare Indian travel insurance quotes' utility that simplifies the process by comparing insurance quotes as well as different benefit options. At one place, you can compare policies of different companies, and then purchase the policy that you like best. You can purchase using your credit card, and the policy will be emailed to you. A print out of this policy document should be provided to the consulate along with the visa application.

Popular tourist destinations in Czech Republic

Prague castle
Prague Castle is a castle complex in Prague, Czech Republic, dating from the 9th century. It is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic.. The castle was a seat of power for kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia.
Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge is a historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the beginning of the 15th century.
Old Town
In a city or town, the old town is its historic or original core. Although the city is usually larger in its present form, many cities have redesignated this part of the city to commemorate its origins after thorough renovations.

Prague astronomical clock
The Prague astronomical clock, or Prague orloj, is a medieval astronomical clock located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.In 2018 it underwent a reconstruction and restoration, and resumed operations at 6pm local time on 28 September 2018.

Other popular destination


About Czech Republic

Europe Travel Insurance has been made convenient with the Schengen Visa. Europe Travel Insurance common visa allows you to travel to 26 schengen countries. However Schengen visa countries require visitors to have health insurance coverage. Schengen Visa insurance requirements are specified by the consulates.

  • Located at the very heart of the central Europe Czech Republic has an area of around 78,866 square kilometers. The hottest tourist destination and the largest city Prague is the capital of the country.
  • An independent republic of Czechoslovakia was created in 1918 after the World War I.The Czech Republic was established on 1 January 1993 following division of former Czechoslovakia into Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • It borders with Slovakia in the east, Germany in the west, Poland in the north and Austria in the south. It consists of two historic regions Moravia and Bohemia. Moravia is a hilly region in the east where as Bohemia has curling plains in the west.
  • The climate of the Czech Republic is mild and varying throughout the year.
  • It usually rains in the summer season.

Czech Republic - General information

78,865 km²
Czech koruna
Best time to visit
September – mid November
Country code
10.63 million
Football (soccer), ice hockey etc.
Austria Flag
Vacation spots
St. Vitus Cathedral, Cesky Krumlov Castle, Kutna Hora, The Bohemian Paradise, The Clementinum and Strahov Monastery.
The Czech Republic and its capital city Prague has been a reasonably popular destination for Indian travellers with nearly 90,000 Indian visitors last year. This number has been steadily growing year on year and could be comfortably over 110,000 visitors from India in the coming year.

Location / Language The Czech Republic, also known by its short-form name, Czechia, is a landlocked country in Central Europe bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east and Poland to the northeast. The Czech Republic covers an area of 78,866 sq kms with a mostly temperate continental climate and oceanic climate and has 10.6 million inhabitants. Its capital and largest city is Prague, with 1.3 million residents. Other major cities are Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc and Pilsen.

Czech is a West Slavic language of the Czech–Slovak group. Spoken by over 10 million people, it serves as the official language of the Czech Republic. Its vocabulary has been extensively influenced by Latin and German.
Visa Requirements / Currency (please note these procedures/ exchange rates can changed from time to time…please get an update from the embassy prior to travel) As India is not part of the Schengen Area, if one is an Indian passport holder you will need to apply for the appropriate type of Schengen Czech Visa for travelling to the country. To be eligible for a Schengen Visa for the Czech Republic, one will mainly need their current passport, along with certain documents, to be submitted with the Visa application form.

Currency : Euro (EUR)
Conversion: Rs.1 INR = 0.013 EUR
1 EUR = Rs. 78.04 INR
Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Czech Republic
  1. Prague Castle – In the city's Hradčany neighbourhood, the castle housed Holy Roman Emperors, the Habsburgs, Bohemian kings, and, more recently, the Czech Republic's President. The largest in the world in terms of area, it’s key highlights include beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica, the Powder Tower, and the Golden Lane with its medieval workshops.
  2. Český Krumlov Castle - Much of what stands today in this UNESCO World Heritage Site stems from the 17th century, including the Rosenberg Ballroom and the Renaissance Hall, the Royal Apartments, and the Chapel of St. George. Also worth seeing is the castle's old Baroque theater, built in 1682, which is still used for special performances.
  3. Charles Bridge, Prague - The spectacular bridge spans the River Vltava and was built in 1357 and has many unique points of interest along its 520-meter span, including numerous fine statues.
  4. Cathedral of St Peter & Paul, Bron - Rebuilt as a Gothic cathedral during the 18th century, the interior is a Baroque masterpiece designed by architect Mořic Grimm. Some of its most remarkable features are the Kapistránka pulpit and the crypt, which is home to not only tombs but the remnants of Brno's original city walls.
  5. The Clementinum and Strahov Monastery Libraries - The Clementinum Library, one of the largest in Europe is National Library of the Czech Republic, and the Library Hall is best known for its frescoed ceiling, and the Astronomical Tower. Strahov Monastery contains two magnificent libraries, exquisite furnishings and ceiling paintings, and excellent frescoes and stucco work with the rare 1,200-year-old Strahov Gospel.
  6. The Bohemian Paradise - This area is known for its many massive rock formations that protrude from the ground like spikes and pillars, formed by tens of thousands of years of erosion by the elements. Now a UNESCO Geopark, it’s attractions include stunning sandstone hills, natural bridges, and tall basalt columns and outcroppings.
  7. The Colonnades and Spas of Karlovy Vary – Interested in an authentic spa experience in the town’s 13 main springs. Established in 1358, this was the destination for Europe's elite, from royalty like Peter the Great to Beethoven, Chopin, and Goethe. In addition to the large spas, the town is filled with Neoclassical and Art Nouveau colonnades with drinking and bathing fountains.
  8. Konopiště Chateau - Established in the 13th century, this French-style four-winged chateau was the residence of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and on display are the his many animal trophies and artefacts he once owned, including ancient weapons and armour, an indoor shooting range complete with moving targets.
  9. Old Town / Wenceslas Squares, Prague - Old Town Square was the city's first market, and is home to Old Town City Hall, which holds the Astronomical Clock, as well as St. Nicholas Church. It was originally used for public executions and political protests. Wenceslas Square in the heart of the New Town is filled with hotels, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment and is used for parades, festivals, and at times, demonstrations .
  10. Kutna Hora - A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was home to one of Europe's leading silver mines, apart from the Baroque St. Barbara's Cathedral. The Czech Museum of Silver contains exhibits about the medieval mining industry and one can visit the town's old mint, housed in the amazing Italian Court.
Things You Must Do in Czech Republic
  1. Bone Collectors: Czech Crypts, Tombs, and Cemeteries – Slightly spooky, but unique. Spread across the Czech Republic are locations dedicated to preserving the remains of those slain in war or killed by diseases (plagues) during medieval times. But the bizarre way in which these centuries-old human relics are displayed is what makes it interesting. The famous "Bone Church," has the remains of some 70,000 people displayed in coats of arms, chandeliers, chalices, and bells. In Brno Ossuary where the remains of some 50,000 people were found stacked in heaps in archways and used as decorative displays and ornamentation.
  2. Visit the Glassworks at Karlovy Vary – One of Europe's most prominent glassmaking centres, a visit to Moser glassworks, which is widely considered one of the world's leading manufacturers of decorative glass. Tours of the facility include a chance to learn about the history of glassmaking, visit the factory floor to watch glassblowers at work, and see some 2,000 fine examples of glass creations in the Glass Museum.
  3. Climb Petrin Hill – This is a little way from Prague and, as the name would suggest, up a pretty steep hill. It’s worth the climb though for the sweeping views over the entire city. There is a really ugly replica of the Eiffel Tower at the top of it, but if you climb this, you can get an even better view.
  4. Visit the Vineyards of Znojmo - The Moravian region has some of the best vineyards in Europe — doing wine tours is fun way to experience Czech Republic’s wine areas. There are huge cellars at Louka Monastery and Šobes Vineyard, which often ranks with Europe’s best.
  5. Don’t miss out on the Famous Nightlife of the country - Czech Republic is said to be at its most beautiful in the night. At this time, the lights are at their brightest, the beers are chilled and the music is loudest. Go out in the night to a local bar and have the experience of a lifetime.
Food on the Plate Czech cuisine has both influenced and been influenced by the cuisines of surrounding countries. Many of the cakes and pastries that are popular in Central Europe originated within the Czech lands. The body of Czech meals typically consists of two or more courses; the first course is traditionally soup, the second course is the main dish, and the third course can include supplementary courses, such as dessert or compote. In the Czech cuisine, thick soups and many kinds of sauces, both based on stewed or cooked vegetables and meats, often with cream, as well as baked meats with natural sauces, are popular dishes.

One must sample the following popular and tasty Czech dishes:
  • Trdelnik - This delectable treat is made by wrapping the pastry dough around a wooden or metal stick, roasting it over an open flame and coated with sugar or cinnamon.
  • Palacinky - These thin Czech pancakes are prepared with a batter and are typically rolled up and served with fillings such as jam, fruit, cream or nuts, it is an ideal treat for those with a sweet tooth.
  • Chlebíčky – this is an open-faced sandwich is usually served during parties and social gatherings and feature a variety of toppings such as egg, ham, salami, pickles, and cucumber.
  • Česnečka - A garlic-heavy soup served with croutons, also contains a raw egg to cook in the heat of the soup. Small pieces of sausage, meat, or cheese is sometimes added to it as well.
  • Kuba - A traditional vegetarian Czech dish prepared with wild mushrooms, nowadays you’ll find this grain-based dish, served with dried mushrooms and flavoured with a variety of herbs and spices.
India travel insurance for Czech Republic Since the Czech Republic is a country which is part of the Schengen countries in Europe, It is compulsory for an Indian tourist to buy Travel medical insurance while applying for Czechian Visa.

Travel health insurance for Indian tourist visiting Czech Republic is relatively cheaper when compared to destinations in Americas, and most insurance companies offer a specific Schengen Insurance Plan. One must ensure that the minimum Accident & Sickness (A&S) sum insured for a Schengen plan must be €30,000 (around $50,000), and a visa to visit any Schengen country will not be provided without this minimum coverage.

The insured must purchase an “Excluding Americas” Plan, if they are travelling to other destinations that don’t include only Schengen countries.

Illustration for 15 days international travel medical insurance for Czech Republic.
Sum Insured($USD or €Euro) / Premium in Rs. INR Insured Age 35 Insured Age 65
Schengen - €30,000 Rs.733 Rs.1,561
Schengen - €50,000 Rs.830 Rs.1,694
Excluding - $50,000 Rs.1028 Rs.1,714
You can also choose “Excluding Plans” with Sum Insureds as high as $500,000 as well. These premiums are across different plans and different benefits.. please log in to to compare and buy the most suitable travel insurance India popular among tourists travelling to Czech Republic.

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Czech Republic
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