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Religare brings you a comprehensive travel insurance plan that curbs out the worries of uninvited troubles on your dream family holiday. Avail remarkable benefits like automatic policy extension and upgradation to business class during medical emergencies and much more with no sub-limits and fair premium charges on a per-day basis.

Key features of Religare Travel Insurance
  • Accident & Sickness Expenses Deductible : $100
  • Personal Accident Coverage : Upto $15,000
  • Passport Loss Benefit : Upto $300

Religare Health Insurance Company Limited

Religare Health Insurance Company Limited is a specialist health insurer engaged in the distribution & servicing of health insurance products. Religare Health Insurance is promoted by Religare Enterprises Limited, a leading diversified financial services group based out of India; its other shareholders are Union Bank of India & Corporation Bank.

Religare Enterprises Limited, a new but enterprising financial services group offers a wide range of services including Broking, Insurance, Asset Management, Lending solutions, Investment Banking and Wealth Management. Operating out of 1650 locations and with more than a million customers already across all product, they occupy an enviable space in the financial services landscape. Union Bank, a leading public sector bank operates across 3500 locations and boast of 24 million customers till date and have been part of the banking space for the past 90 years offering cross industry financial solutions across their diversified asset portfolio. Corporation Bank on the hand is a Southern financial powerhouse of a bank with a 1700 branch footprint across India. Known for their prudent and conservative approach they are one of the pore profitable public sector banks.

Religare is promoted by the founders of Fortis Healthcare, which owns or manages 54 healthcare facilities in India, Dubai & Mauritius; SRL Diagnostics, India’s largest diagnostics company with 306 networking laboratories, 6900 collection points and presence in Dubai, Sri Lanka & Nepal and the Fortis Healthworld chain of pharmacy and wellness stores. Their expertise in the spectrum of financial services, healthcare delivery and preventive health solutions, coupled with a robust distribution model, offers us a unique edge to deliver and excel in a business environment that is driven by serviceability & scale.

Religare Travel is a relative new entrant in the Travel space having started to offer Travel products to the Indian traveller only in 2012. Since then they have grown their business successfully across the country. Their key products include:

Some of the unique Key Features in the Religare Travel insurance plans are :

  • Pre-existing covered upto 10% of Principal Sum Insured for Accident & Sickness Coverage
  • Age band covered from Day 1 (baby). There is no upper age limitation under the Religare travel plans.
  • Per day rates – Premium calculated for actual days of travel i.e. Slab rates not applicable
  • Double SI in case of accident - Customer buying USD $50,000 cover will have coverage of USD $50,000 for any Sickness related treatment and upto USD $100,000 in case claim arising due to accident.
  • Explore Europe, Explore Canada, Explore Gold & Explore - Platinum Plans are approved by all the Schengen consulates up to unlimited age cover without any restriction.
  • E- Travel Insurance Card comes with every policy issued instantly. This helps the customer in case of any accident/ immediate reference in case of emergency.
  • All Religare Travel Policies don't have per aliment limit capping.
  • Customer can Upgrade their return tickers to Business class travel in case of they are returning within 20 days of discharge from the hospital
  • Treatment in home country covered upto 30days if the customer returns to India as per Doctor’s advice/recommendation post hospitalization abroad. This expense will be covered under the Accident & Sickness limit.

Explore Travel Plans – Worldwide Including & Excluding US & Canada

Under the Explore Worldwide Plans, Religare offers two options which are the Gold & Platinum based on the Sum Insured variants offered and a tweak in the benefits/limits under each plan.

Explore Gold Explore Platinum Deductible
Geographical scope
Worldwide / Worldwide excluding US and Canada Worldwide / Worldwide excluding US and Canada
Sum Insured
USD 50,000, USD 100,000, USD 300,000 & USD 500,000 USD 50,000, USD 100,000, USD 300,000 & USD 500,000
Hospitalization expenses
Yes Yes
In-patient Care
Up to Sum Insured Up to Sum Insured US $100 / € 75
Pre-Existing Disease (Life Threatening Condition)
Up to 10% of Sum Insured Up to 10% of Sum Insured US $100 / € 75
Additional Sum Insured for Accidental Hospitalization
Yes, up to 100% Sum Insured Yes, up to 100% Sum Insured US $100 / € 75
Out-patient care
USD 50,000 USD 50,000 US $100 / € 75
Daily Allowance
US $25 per day, max 5 days US $25 per day, max 5 days 2 days
Compassionate Visit
US $5,000
Return of Minor Child
US $2,000
Upgradation to Business Class
US $1,000 US $1,000
Dental Expenses
US $300 US $300 US $100 / € 75
Personal Accident
US $15,000 US $15,000
Common Carrier Accidental Death
US $5,000
Medical Evacuation
US $50,000 US $50,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
US $50,000 US $50,000
Trip Cancellation and Interruption
US $1,000 US $1,000
Trip Delay
US $500 US $500 12 hours
Loss of Checked-in-Baggage
US $100 US $100
Delay of Checked-in-Baggage
US $100 US $100 12 hours
Loss of Passport
US $300 US $300
Personal Liability
US $100,000 US $100,000 US $100 / € 75

Sublimits applicable to Gold Plan only for insureds above 60 years of age
Medical Expenses Sub-limit
Room rent including boarding and lodging 1.5% of the sum insured subject to a maximum of US $2,000 per day / €1,500 per day
ICU Charges 2% of the sum insured subject to a maximum of US $3,000 per day / €2,250 per day
Operation Theatre Charges(incl. Surgeon Charges) 10% of the sum insured subject to a maximum of US $20,000 per Claim / €15,000 per Claim
Anesthesia 25% of the surgery cost payable
Ambulance Services US $500 per Claim / €375 per Claim
Diagnostics and Radiology US $1,000 per Claim / €750 per Claim
Medical Practitioners visit fees US $100 per visit / €75 per visit subject to maximum of 10 visits per Claim
Miscellaneous Expenses US $1,000 per Claim / €750 per Claim

Explore Travel Plans – Asia, Africa, Europe and Canada

Apart from the worldwide plans which forma part of the Explore Product offerings, Religare also has specific plans for specific destinations based on the Indian outbound traveller. They offer a specific plan to Asia, Africa, Europe and Canada. While the benefits are almost similar across each of these plans, there are different sum insured variants that can be offered.

Explore Asia Explore Africa Explore Europe Explore Canada Deductible
Geographical scope
Asia Africa Europe Worldwide excluding US
Sum Insured
USD 25,000, USD 50,000 & USD 100,000 USD 25,000, USD 50,000 & USD 100,000 € 30,000 & € 100,000 USD 50,000 & USD 100,000
Hospitalization expenses
Yes Yes Yes Yes
In-patient Care
Up to Sum Insured Up to Sum Insured Up to Sum Insured Up to Sum Insured US $100 / €75
Pre-Existing Disease (Life Threatening Condition)
Up to 10% of Sum Insured Up to 10% of Sum Insured Up to 10% of Sum Insured Up to 10% of Sum Insured US $100 / €75
Additional Sum Insured for Accidental Hospitalization
Yes, up to 100% Sum Insured Yes, up to 100% Sum Insured Yes, up to 100% Sum Insured Yes, up to 100% Sum Insured US $100 / €75
Out-patient care
20% of Sum Insured 20% of Sum Insured € 30,000 USD 50,000 US $100 / € 75
Daily Allowance
US $25 per day, max 5 days US $25 per day, max 5 days € 25 per day, max 5 days US $25 per day, max 5 days 2 days
Upgradation to Business Class
US $1,000 US $1,000 € 750 US $1,000
Dental Expenses
US $300 US $300 € 300 US $300 US $100 / € 75
Personal Accident
US $15,000 US $15,000 € 10,000 US $15,000
Medical Evacuation
US $10,000 US $10,000 € 7,500 US $10,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
US $10,000 US $10,000 € 7,500 US $10,000
Trip Cancellation and Interruption
US $1,000 US $1,000 € 750 US $1,000
Trip Delay
US $500 US $500 € 300 US $500 12 hours
Loss of Checked-in-Baggage
US $100 US $100 € 100 US $100
Delay of Checked-in-Baggage
US $100 US $100 € $100 US $100 12 hours
Loss of Passport
US $300 US $300 € 250 US $300
Personal Liability
US $100,000 US $100,000 € 75,000 US $100,000 US $100 / € 75

Below are the Coverages of the Explore Plans of Religare Travel

  • Pre-existing disease cover: covers the emergency medical treatment with a proportion of Sum Insured (10%) towards any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Personal Accident: Covers any unfortunate situation arising out of an accident, death or permanent total disability, while you’re traveling abroad.
  • Loss of Passport: Covers expenses for the issue of a new or duplicate passport of the insured.
  • Up-gradation To Business Class: Compensates for up-gradation to business class for return air travel, in case of hospitalization of the insured.
  • Dental Expenses: Covers emergency dental expenses incurred in connection with any injury while on your trip.
  • Emergency Accident & Sickness Cover: Covers hospitalization for treatment if during your travel you are diagnosed with an illness or as the result of an accident, or any life threatening previous illness.
  • Common Carrier Accidental Death: Lump sum payment of Sum Insured in case of accidental death as a passenger on a common carrier/transport.
  • Daily Allowance in case of Hospitalization: In case of Hospitalization we even pay an extra specified amount per day of stay at the hospital to meet numerous incidental expenses such as attendant's meals, transportation and communication incurred etc.
  • 2-way Compassionate Visit: Covers transportation expenses for one immediate family member to travel to the insured's current location in the event of continuous hospitalization for 5 days of the insured. Similarly if an immediate family member is hospitalized for a continuous period of 5 days in India, the policy covers transportation expenses for the insured’s travel to and from India.
  • Return of Minor Child: Covers the return cost of your minor child to your home location, in case you’re hospitalized and travelling alone with your child/children.
  • Medical Evacuation: Covers all costs incurred for any emergency transportation and evacuation services, to transfer you to an appropriate medical facility within our network for treatment if the facilities are not available in the medical establishment where the insured is currently availing treatment.
  • Compensation For Loss/Delay Of Checked-In Baggage : We cover expenses directly incurred as a result of your checked-in baggage that is lost while in custody of the Common Carrier. We also cover expenses directly incurred in case of a delay in receipt of the checked-in baggage beyond 12 consecutive hours.
  • Trip Delay/Trip Cancellation Coverage: We Cover expenses incurred if your departure is delayed beyond 12 consecutive hours due to specified reasons/issues.. We even cover expenses sustained by the insured, arising out of cancellation or interruption of the trip
  • Repatriation of Remains : Covers cost of repatriation of mortal remains to India.

Exclusions for Religare Travel Policy

  • Traveling against the advice of a physician
  • Traveling with the specific purpose of receiving treatment in a foreign location
  • Any dental treatment or surgery unless it is necessitated due to an accident
  • Expenses arising out of or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse.
  • Charges as a result of Spectacles, Contact lenses, Hearing aid, Routine eye and ear examinations
  • War and Nuclear perils or consequences thereof.
  • Ionising Radiation or contamination arising out of the same.
  • Treatment of Congenital injuries or illness and treatment of anything related to birth defects
  • Degenerative or oncological(cancer) diseases
  • Non allopathic treatment
  • Any preventive care taken including vaccinations, immunisations etc
  • Any sporting activity which is in the nature of training or participation in competitions for professionals or semi professionals
  • Any intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide.
  • Any claim relating to hazardous activities.
  • The insured being involved in Breach of taw.
Please note that this is not the complete list of exclusions. Please refer to the terms and conditions (policy wordings) that have been shared with the insured along with the policy certificate for the exhaustive list.

Religare Travel FAQ’s

Why should I buy travel insurance? Travel Insurance provides protection to you and your loved ones if unfortunate things happen while travelling. Our travel insurance covers your lost baggage, flight cancellation, hospital expenses and many more.

Who can buy travel insurance? Anyone! All Indian citizens can be covered by our travel insurance.

What is the minimum period for a trip to be insured? Our Travel Plans provide coverage for travel trips as short as 2 days. Per day premium. Pay for the number of days you travel.

How can I claim? What documents are required to make claim? You need to fill the claim form on Religare website and submit the following documents
  • Duly filled and signed Claim form A by Insurer and form B completed by hospital
  • Bills / Prescriptions / vouchers / reports / discharge summary, containing the name of the person treated
  • Copy of Passport of insured with entry and exit stamp
  • To claim loss of baggage, proof of value of articles required
What if I forgot to carry my travel insurance? It is strongly suggested that you should carry your travel insurance while travelling. In case you forget, just ensure that you remember the policy number and customer ID to claim.

Can I cancel a policy? Yes, you can cancel your policy. You just need to submit a copy of your passport that no travel has been undertaken. It is that easy!

What is medical evacuation? Medical evacuation provides a transfer for you to the nearby hospital or medical care centre. This insurance covers all costs incurred for any medical emergency transportation and evacuation to transfer you to hospitals within our network.

What is Single and Multi-trip insurance? Single trip Insurance: It stands valid for a single trip and is valid for pre-defined number of days. You can opt for a policy period of up to 365 days. Multi-trip Insurance: Go for a multi trip policy if you are a frequent flyer. There are two options to choose from – Multi Trip with maximum 45 days per trip Multi Trip with maximum 60 days per trip.

What is the duration for insurance cover? For Single Trip: Insurance starts the moment you board the flight. For Multi-trips: It offers coverage of multiple trips taken by an individual in a period of one year. Coverage per trip can be 45 or 60 days.

Can I extend my overseas travel insurance? Yes,Condition : Extension needs to be requested 10 days before the end date of policy. No extension requests will be entertained after policy end date. Maximum extension can be given for 180 days. However it is to be noted that the total duration of coverage including extension must not exceed 365 days.The policy can be extended for a maximum of 180 days. You need to call our assistance service provider to get the extension.

Can I buy travel insurance for my parents above 70 years of age? Yes, we provide the travel insurance for senior citizens with no age limit for single trip. Maximum age limit is 70 years for multi trip.

Do I have to go for medical test to buy travel insurance? No, there is no medical examination required to buy travel insurance.

Does this insurance cover my trip cancellation? Pre-departure which reimburses trip cancellation due to natural disaster, traffic accident, illness, etc.

Is loss of passport covered? Yes, passport loss is covered in our Travel Insurance policy. Moreover, the cost of procurement of a temporary passport is also covered.

Can I get refund if I cut short my travel? In case you cut short your travel, your policy can be cancelled and premium will be refunded if difference Between the date of arrival of insured and end date of policy is 15 days or more. (Cancellation charges: Rs 300 would be deducted)

Do you provide financial assistance for travel insurance? Yes, we provide 24X7 assistance duration of your trip. Please call our toll free numbers for any query: In USA : + 1 844 2091106 (Toll Free) In Canada : +1 844 209 1107 (Toll Free) From the rest of the world: +91 11 40608688(Call back facility) In India: 1800 102 4488(Toll Free and Accessible in India only) Fax: 18002006677 Email: travelclaims@religare.com

Can I avail cashless facility for hospitalisation under travel insurance? Yes, we offer cashless facility for hospitalization duration of your travel.

In case medical treatment is required, is there any need for pre-approval before hospitalization? You will need to contact our Assistance Service Provider and they will arrange for cashless claims for the medical treatment. Toll free number is mentioned on the cashless health card shared with policy kit. One needs to inform the service provider of hospitalization at the time of admission.

Is Travel insurance mandatory for Schengen Visa? Yes, it is mandatory to buy travel insurance before you apply for Schengen Visa. We have a plan specifically for your travels in Europe.

What are the available plans with Religare? Religare International Travel Insurance provides coverage for Single and Multiple Trips to destinations all across the world with tailor-made plans for different geographies. We even provide flexibility in the sum-insured for those plans so that you can choose the plan that suits you the best.

What does 'Deductible' mean? Deductible means the amount of a claim that has to be borne by the insured.

What does the insured do in the case of a claim?

In case of Claim, notify us immediately on any of the below touch-points for hassle free processing and speedy settlements.

Falck Global Assistance (Assistance Service Provider) USA: +1 844 301 3135 ( Toll Free)
Canada: +1 844 301 3146 ( Toll Free)
Rest of the world: +91 124 4498760(Call Back Facility)
Email: travelassistance@religare.com
Fax: +91 124 4006674
In case of reimbursement of treatment expenses, reach us at the below touch points
Religare Health Insurance Company LimitedGYS Global, Plot No. A3, A4, A5, Sector - 125, Noida, U.P. - 201301
India: 1800 200 4488 (Toll Free & Accessible in India only)
Email: travelassistance@religare.com
Fax (RHICL): 1800 200 6677

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