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Most of the popular Indian student insurance products offer coverage for hospitalization expenses, doctor visits, surgeries, pharmacy bills and other medical expenses for Indian students studying overseas. A student must be aware of the other risks that may arises while in a foreign country. Some of these exigencies are loss of passport, study interruption, loss of baggage before you reach the destination country, personal liability, need for bail, protecting the sponsorship. There are good Indian student insurance plans that offer coverage for the expenses arising from these non-medical emergencies. Since they cover only these non medical emergencies, they are very affordable. These non-medical student insurance policies complement University student insurance plans very well. In other words, even if one has to buy an University insurance plan, it is very logical to buy this Indian non-medical insurance plans as international University insurance will not provide the coverage that these plans offer which are unique to the needs of Indian student while outside India. Review and buy the best student non-medical insurance plans satisfying your needs.

India had a total of around 550,000 students abroad in as many as 86 countries during 2017-18. 36 of these are countries are from Asia, 32 from Europe, 8 from Africa, 6 from South America and 2 each from North America & Australia. More than 50% of the Indian students’ study in North America, specifically USA. These numbers have been growing at an average of around 7-8% YOY, which has reduced from a few years ago.

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Currently while there are many Indian Insurance companies offering comprehensive coverage plans for Students traveling abroad for their studies, almost 90% of students prefer to purchase their insurance policy from the University Insurance offerings rather than opt for an India insurance plan. This is primarily because the students feel that it will be easier to get a cashless coverage in case they need to be hospitalised for any sickness/accidental emergency while at the University. They also do not want to risk any enrolment issues while starting out at the University and hence opt for any of the insurance plans being offered by the University.

What is critical to note is:

  • Students can opt for an insurance policy from India subject to the fact that the plan coverages opted for are comparable with the Minimum Health standards as prescribed by the University on its website.
  • The plans being offered by Indian insurance companies are comprehensive in terms of benefits being offered and also provide cashless coverage in the event of a claim whilst the student is abroad.
  • The premiums payable for the insurance plans offered by the Indian insurers are very competitive when compared to the University insurance plans.
For whatever reasons, if the student still chooses to opt for the University insurance plans, they have another option which is to purchase a basic insurance plan from India (this can be offered to students as a compliment to their University plan (like a Health top up)), which does not offer Sickness cover but other relevant benefits for the student while abroad. Currently eIndiainsurance offers the following plans which do not offer Sickness covers.

Religare Student Plan - Non Medical

Plan details Buy now
Benefit Deductible Explore Start
Accidental Death, PTD, PPD - US $ 30,000
Compassionate Visit - US $ 5,000
Loss of Checked-in Baggage - US $ 1000
Delay of Checked-in Baggage 12 hours US $ 150
Loss of Passport US $ 50 US $ 150
Loss of International driving license US $ 50 US $ 100
Personal Liability US $ 200 US $ 100,000
Study interruption - US $ 10,000
Sponsor Protection - US $ 15,000
Bail Bond - US $ 5,000
Reliance Student Plan - Non Medical

Plan details Buy now
Benefit Basic (In USD) Deductibles (In USD)
Medical Expenses Incl. Transportation & Evacuation and Repatriation Of Mortal Remains Nil 50
Dental Treatment Nil 50
Personal Accident 25,000 Nil
Accidental Death- Common Carrier Nil Nil
2 way Compassionate Visit 7500 Nil
Loss of Passport 100 25
Total Loss of Checked In Baggage* 1000 100
Personal Liability 100,000 200
Bail Bond 1000 50
Study Interruption 10,000 Nil
Sponsor Protection 10,000 Nil

It is important for the students to note that most University plans only offer Accident & Sickness coverage and that too while the student is in the city where the University is located. If there are other travel /sickness related exigencies or the student travels outside the city/country (on vacation or business) where the University is located, the University policy coverage will not be in force. The keyTravel /Sickness related exigencies that are covered under the Non Medical plan of the Indian insurers are :
  • Compassionate Visit
  • Loss and Delay of Checked in Baggage
  • Loss of Passport / International Driving License
  • Study Interruption and Sponsor Protection
  • Bail Bond
Students opting for the University Plans can purchase this Non Medical Insurance plan to ensure they are covered in a comprehensive manner during their study abroad.

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